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Is my 1981 Newport 28 mast grounded?

Discussion in 'Newport' started by Olivia de Soria, Aug 16, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Olivia de Soria

    Olivia de Soria

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    Newport 28
    us Oriental, nc Charleston, sc
    we recently came into possession of this Newport 28 sail boat, 1981, and I cannot seem to find out if the mast is grounded. There is nothing about it in the factory manual, and there are no wires that we can obviously see that are grounding the mast. If the mast was grounded via the chain plates during factory build, we would not be able to tell without disassembling those. Not something we want to do. Does anyone know if this model/year was generally grounded during factory build? Or know of any way to find out without hauling the boat? We are in the middle of a trip down the icw from D.C. to Charleston, SC, and we have encountered many storms littered with lightening. Any advice or info would be much appreciated

  2. Ned Ludd

    Ned Ludd

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    Newport 28
    US Oregon Richardson Marina
    I have a 1976 Newport 28 and would have to say NO! These are fairly basic entry level boats for the time and something like a proper ground loop was definitely out of the budget during building.
    If you have not found it yet there is a good Capital Yachts page on Facebook with a lot of helpful people there.

  3. MitchK


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    Capital Yachts Newport 28
    US Burbank, Wa Burbank, WA
    I have a 82 Newport 28, and I have not been able to locate a ground wire to the keel on mast. I haven't crawled back into the very back of the boat to see if the chainplates are connected to the keel as is done on some boats. Maybe this weekend, I will get a chance to crawl back there and see if there is anything I can see.


  4. Charles Erwin

    Charles Erwin

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    Nor'Sea 27 - "Kiwanda"
    US Portland/Anacortes
    Why does the OP (and everyone else so far) reckon that 'mast grounding" provides a benefit? If so what are the benefits compared with a mast that is 'ungrounded'?


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  5. Ned Ludd

    Ned Ludd

    Joined Apr 4, 2016
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    Newport 28
    US Oregon Richardson Marina
    might help in a lightening strike, might not. I figure if your boat gets struck by lightening buy a lottery ticket.

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