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Interior cushions & mattresses

Discussion in 'Catalina 310' started by OCSailor, Dec 26, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Cat 310 #1 in GA

    Cat 310 #1 in GA

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    Catalina 310
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    For the 310 V-berth, can I just buy a queen size memory foam mattress and cut it to size? Anything else have to be done with the foam? Seems like it would be a cost effective option since there are so many sources of memory foam now aside from the very expensive tempurpedic. Has anyone done this? Am I missing anything?

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  2. marchem


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    The forward cushion has a hinge, the aft does not. Both have a vinyl bottom. Cleaning with a Bissell upholstery cleaner made a huge difference in appearance.

  3. rukidn


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