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Impeller Warning - Globe Impellers

Discussion in 'Musings With Maine Sail' started by Maine Sail, Oct 27, 2009. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Maine Sail

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    Hi All,

    These two quoted posts were from another forum but I thought it important enough to quote and post here.

    For years I was questioned, called to the carpet & told it could not happen about my Globe impeller failures. I finally stopped talking about them.

    Personally I found the Globe impellers to no longer lasting than the factory impellers, more money and I actually spun the hubs out of three of them. A spun hub is a tough one to trouble shoot the first time because when you open up the pump the impeller looks fine but the hub will actually spin within the impeller. Three pump gaskets later and I finally figured that one out.:doh: Globes response............. none....

    Though they did not crack like the ones above I did have one that also cracked a vane by the end of one season. It was a long time ago that I stopped using them so it seems not much has changed with the QC? I now personally stick with factory impellers.

    Failures like that could endanger lives if the boat was in peril and really needed the engine..

    I think it goes without saying but check your impeller if you replaced it with a Globe brand unit..

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  2. Bob S

    Bob S

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    Wow, This is my second season. Last year I changed my impeller because I ran the engine without opening the seacock and fried it. Rookie error. I put about 35-45 hour each season. I wasn't going to change it but was thinking of opening the pump to look at it. I used the black one, rubber. Guess I will be replacing it. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Ross


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    Re: Impeller Warning

    Because Volvo gets such bad press here I am almost ashamed to confess that my factory impellors last 5-6 years.

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  4. guest

    guest Guest

    if it ain't broken, don't fix it.

    It is the pits to replace a perfectly working impeller with a brand new faulty part. Unfortunately it happens more frequently than you'd wish.

  5. Shell


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    Re: Impeller Warning

    Change brands. i have a m25 and the impellers last about 2 years with charter use.
    Remember, most companies have them made by someone else. Maybe that company switched manufactures, maybe Chinese without checking quality. A few years ago, a friend, who will only buy Yanmar parts and oil, who changes them once a year whether needed or not, had several fail because of a defect.

    Never usedd a 'run dry" impeller. My thinking is if your impeller run dry, and you keep running the engine, you will have bigger problems than a broken impeller.

  6. John T1594

    John T1594

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    Impeller life

    I also tried the Globe "run-dry" impeller (blue) in my Yanmar about two years ago. It lasted all of two weeks before two vanes came off and lodged in the heat exchanger. The OEM impellers last for years.

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  7. sailingdog


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    Re: Impeller Warning

    Thanks for the heads up...fortunately, I don't think Globe makes one that fits the Honda 20 HP outboard that is the aux. on my boat, so I've been sticking with the OEM part... :)

  8. Big Windy

    Big Windy

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    I get mine from Yanmar...last six to seven years.

  9. Guest

    Guest Guest


    The PO had replaced the impeller on our boat some time before we took possession in 2002. I have the original one that the PO left behind plus a new OEM replacement. I've not touched the system since and it is still doing the job. I keep an eye on coolant water flow and at some point will open up the system and replace what we have. Until then...

    Terry Cox

  10. Guest

    Guest Guest


    BTW, the engine had 636 hours when we took possession, it now has 1,475.

    Terry Cox

  11. wrapper


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    Thanks... I was impressed by the advertising....

  12. NICK1951


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    My experience with Globe is bad. New impellar failed after 70 hours of engine use, 40 days. Replaced with second Globe, all I had on board. It was distressed after 20 hours. Globe never again. By the way, let me report a problem with Ancor inline fuse holder 30 amp part no 607016. 2 failed, 20 months old, male flange broke opening the cicuit. 1 was on ground of ACR 7610, result dead start battery, second was on auto bilge pump. Called Marinco, spoke to David, he did not care. Watch out for these fuse holders.


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