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I am Stuck on Standing Rigging

Discussion in 'Catalina 30' started by reprieve, Dec 26, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. lillia28


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    Call Catalina. They are very supportive of the C 30 community, and I suspect they might have done some cocktail napkin type calculations on what standing rigging sizes should be. I second or third the Rigger's Apprentice suggestion. Rigging is a system, and making one part of the system bigger most likely leads to imbalance not greater system strength.

  2. Hayden Watson

    Hayden Watson

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    You also have the choice of different grades of wire.

    1/4" 316 SS 1x19 wire rope, minimum break strength 6900lbs, $2.00/ft
    1/4" 304 SS 1x19 wire rope, minimum break strength 8200lbs, $1.57/ft
    1/4" Nitronic 50 rod rigging, minimum break strength 10300lbs, ?$/ft

  3. reprieve


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    Whoa! I'll be researching this!!!

  4. Jackdaw


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    The max strain/load that your rig can ever be at is at a point well known to the designers. And they size the rigging accordingly. There’s no reason to upsize. Just maintain it and you’ll be fine.

    Stick to SS. PBO is a needless and unnecessary expense on the Catalina 30.

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