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hunter keel joint.

Discussion in 'Ask A Hunter Owner' started by cutterpin, Jan 9, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. cutterpin


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    Ca QC montreal
    I am looking a boat and this is the keel joint, Is it really bad? For the moment i don't have any other pics.

    Thanks keel.PNG

  2. nightowle


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    Bavaria 35E
    US seattle
    I'd start with wanting to know 2 facts; whether you're getting a good deal and if you're going to use a surveyor. Having hit a rock with my own boat and doing keel damage, I can tell you it can be very costly if things don't go your way on this. It's possible the separation is occurring because the filler has come away and that's the end of it. But, that's probably doubtful, though. The keel needs to be released to see how much water damage there may be and whether the keel bolts are in good shape. If the keel comes fully off to make repairs, then the mast has to come down otherwise the boat is in danger of tipping. A mast lift by crane is expensive. So, it's really all about the price you're getting. There's lots of Hunter's out there, so why take one with a dubious issue.

  3. Roland5048


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    Not knowing what year the boat is, the notch in the bottom front of the keel looks suspect. Really need more info.

  4. chuckwayne


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    The fairing compound Hunter used is fairly brittle, and it
    is not uncommon to see it cracked. But, because the crack extends the length of the joint, I'd check carefully inside the boat for cracks and fiberglass delamination - or have someone like a surveyer inspect. Hunter keels are attached with pretty beefy bolts and 5200, and the hull layup that supports the keel is strong. Odds are it's cosmetic, but it pays to be sure.
    BTW, that "notch" is just the perspective view of the junction of the keel to the wing, not damage

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  5. cutterpin


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    hunter 33
    Ca QC montreal

    I will have the boat surveyed. I have to check. For now this just the pics i have.


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    Hunter Ad Bot

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  7. Roland5048


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    Hunter Cherubini 30
    US New Port Richey
    Thank you. I see it now. The perspective is really different at 2:00 pm than at 2:00 am.:rolleyes:

  8. Crazy Dave Condon

    Crazy Dave Condon

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    Depending on the year of the boat, it could be either a lead or cast iron both made by Mars Metals in Canada. What you are seeing is the keel to hull joint that was sealed with 5200 and bolted into place. The first question is there any water coming thru the keel bolts in the bilge area and if so the suggestion to lower the keel off and repair/recaulk/install back would be recommended.. If not, cutting out the affected area and apply 5200 once area is cleaned is the route yards would take but a lot depends on what is found. If buying the boat, the suggestion of a marine survey is recommended and for insurance purposes is required on most boats now for sale before a policy is offered which of course depends on that survey. There are other suggestions but the choice is yours. Remember 5200 normally cures in 7 days unless you go for the faster drying 5200 which I do not suggest here.

  9. Franklin


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    According to Hunter, they do not use 5200, but a shop made epoxy filler mix. The filler gives it some flexibility and they believe this mix has a stronger bond than 5200.

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