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How many coats of varnish?

Discussion in 'Hunter Sailing Assoc. No. 1' started by chschell, Apr 1, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. chschell


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    I have re-stained and am varnishing the hatch pull on our Hunter 340 -- any recommnedations on how many coats of varnish to use? Someone said 10, which seems excessive to me, but a woodworker I am not. Any ideas apprecated!

  2. Skipper


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    If there's no varnish now, 6 coats will look great. 8 coats will look fabulous. 10 coats will be show quality.
    Prep is the key. The surface should be glass smooth to start.

  3. Don S/V ILLusion

    Don S/V ILLusion

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    Many people say they can discern the depth of shine resulting from 6 -10 coats. I never can. What I found is that up north, a few coats exposed to the sun last at least one season but usually not more than 2.
    Here in Florida, two or three coats wouldn't last 2 months unless covered. Consequently, the more, the better is a simple way of saying "how long do you want it to last?"

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