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Discussion in 'Ask A Beneteau Owner' started by Bluenose, May 17, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. BigEasy


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    I was lucky in removing my fitting a few years ago; I was able to remove the nipple without breaking it or disturbing the epoxy fillet around the fitting. After inspecting & cleaning the nipple, I wrapped some Teflon tape on the threads, applied sealant and threaded it back into the stern tube. I replaced the nipple with a new OEM bronze nipple about 5 months ago. Again, the old nipple unscrewed without disturbing the epoxy fillet and I installed the new fitting using same procedure......approximately a 10 minute job including cutting & reattaching the water supply hose.

    Alfa, the shaft seal by Orbitrade looks promising.

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  2. Alfa


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    Big easy, yes this improved shaft seal with grease and barbed fitting ports works well. I have standard 7 y old Volvo seal (and no drop of water in bilges) but recommended to a friend 1" Orbitrade seal and he loves it (after 27 years of using traditional packing gland).
    You said you have only 300 hrs on engine. With 12 years of original Volvo shaft seal you are really pushing your luck. Rubber is aging with time and temperature. Are you sailing with rotating, fixed prop or folded prop?

  3. BigEasy


    Joined Jun 21, 2004
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    Beneteau 343
    US Slidell, LA
    Have a folding prop since commissioning. Yes, I plan to replace the seal and cutlass bearing on next haul out.
    I really can't complain about the Volvo seal; doesn't leak a drop. Still flexible without any signs of fatigue or crazing. I just don't like the idea of the nipple attached to the shaft tube with the epoxy fillet. The Orbitrade seal may be an easy and practical solution.

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