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  1. Roger Long

    Roger Long

    Joined Nov 22, 2008
    3,563 posts, 8 likes
    Endeavour 32
    US Portland, Maine
    History repeats and, this time, I’m going to try and take the lesson to heart. Early spring travel by boat (this is now more of a delivery than a cruise) is frustrating when you have a reasons to want to be there. Once again I’m weather bound with Dreameagle doing her April thing in New York and I’m trying to get there in time to enjoy some of it with her.

    I had a pleasant run to Solomons wondering why I had tried beating into it the day before. The next day, I rented a car and did the running around to replace the fuel pump and re-provision. I was sure glad to be in a slip the next day when I measured a 40 mph gust coming down the harbor off the land.

    Sunday evening, I moved out to anchor for an easier and quicker departure in the dark. Waking at 0400 let me run up a 75 nm day to start the week. Motor-sailing under jib in a rising wind from astern to the Sassafras River seemed like a shorter day than many a fraction its length. A three hour run in the morning brought me to Chesapeake City where the weather closed in.

    I’ve spent a couple days visiting friends, shopping, exploring, etc,, via rental car. I turned the car in this morning, took the boat across the canal to the fuel dock and then returned to the anchorage. By the time everything was secure, I realized that I wasn’t feeling quite right.

    Nothing serious but I now actually glad for the weather as I wouldn’t have wanted to travel and it would have been even more frustrating to have missed a weather window. Two boats did leave but they were powerboats fast enough to arrive in Cape May before the wind comes up.

    It looks like the earliest I will want to leave is Saturday and possibly Sunday. At least I am on the homestretch. I hope to be in New York City before Wednesday evening.

  2. Stu Jackson

    Stu Jackson

    Joined Feb 26, 2004
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    Catalina 34
    224 CA Maple Bay, BC, Canada
    Ach, toots??? What's the hurry. Re-up the rental car, drive to Dreameagle, enjoy, then drive back to the boat and sail home in a leisurely manner.

    But you know this already, right?

  3. Roger Long

    Roger Long

    Joined Nov 22, 2008
    3,563 posts, 8 likes
    Endeavour 32
    US Portland, Maine
    Having been a designer of complex things all my adult life, considering and weighing options and planning come naturally to me. Aside from the feng shui of completing this odyssey, there is enough going on in May and June that returning to bring the boat home would be quite inconvenient.

    Written from Atlantic Highlands, two days and 177 nm out of the C & D canal.

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