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Hoisting the Furling Jib, O'Day 272

Discussion in 'Bigger Boats' started by fhujber, Dec 2, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. fhujber


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    O'Day 272LE
    US Indialantic, FL MYC
    Hoisting the furling jib on a '87 272LE. The halyard is attached to a car that slides in a groove on the opposite side of the furler from the groove where the leach goes. When attached with a shackle, the assembly binds when hoisting because the top of the sail wraps around the furler. Has anyone had this problem and resolved it? If so, how?

  2. Tally Ho

    Tally Ho

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    Oday 322
    US East Chicago, IN
    Are you sure your furler doesn’t use an integral wire halyard?

    On my O’Day 322, the jib is raised by a wire that runs in one of the grooves of the foil, to the top of the furler, and down the other groove. There is a metal “car” (I call it a slug) that rides up and down one of the grooves, and it gets pinned down near the bottom of the foil when the sail is raised. When you lower the sail, you need a messenger line on the you can pull it down later when you want to raise the sail again.

    See this thread for another write-up on it.


  3. Joe


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    If you're putting your sail's leech in the furler.... you won't have very good results whether it wraps the halyard or not. heh, heh. but... what brand furler is it? If the sail's head attaches to a swivel that slides up the foil to hoist... then it sounds like you need a "halyard restrainer" It's a cheap fix. [​IMG] It attaches to the mast just below the sheaves, keeping the halyard in a fixed position so it won't wrap around the forestay

    If you have a small halyard built into the foil... such as the CDI units... google "CDI Furler manual" for a copy of the manual.

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