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Discussion in 'The Cherubini Hunters' started by Mathurin, Sep 24, 2011. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Mathurin


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    Hunter cutter 37 1981
    Ca St-lambert
    I think we should make a sticky thread where we could post links of posts that answer frequent H37C issues to help new owners... Such as theses:

    Review on NFM stainless ports on H37C:

    One way to fix the corroded mast base on a H37C:

    Electrical panel fix:

    A good thread about deck recore:

    Cabin sides rot fix:

    Battery placement:

    Hunter owners modification (and more) website:

    Mast Collar:

    Where to tie running backstay:

    Original Mast, spreaders, boom, staysail boom and mast base from Kenyon can still be ordered throught Rigrite:
    (Word of caution, some parts will be less expensive to have custom made by a local machinist, or replaced by an equivalent)
    Mast section: Kenyon Cruising 5280
    Spreader section: Kenyon SP-4 airfoil spreader
    Boom section: ?
    Staysail boom section: ?

    Spreader replacement:

    Fuel Tank:

    3QM30 Service Manual:
    PM me

    Rainbow Chaser's website (an H37c owner who made a lot of modifications on his boat):

    lots of pictures about the upgrades and repairs on a H37C:

    I could update this list once in a while with posts the will others suggestions
    (I have no personal interests in the links posted above ;) )

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  2. guidera48


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    HUNTER 37 Cutter
    US Myrtle Beach, S.C.
    I think it is a great idea. I know I asked several times questions that I found later on had already been answered previously, yet you all took time to guide me. I also found the owners mods file very helpful. ( I am in the process of building a new anchor roller as shown in the mods file). It should be required reading for all newbies.

  3. SailH37


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    US Jacksonville, Florida
    Well, if we can keep this site up and going

    I know I used to visit this site lots to get ideas and upload my revelations, but I got busy with other stuff and when I came back, it had been put on hold and I don't remember if it was because of no moderator or because of a 'site rewrite'? There's lots of things that all of us are learning and it sure would be cool to have a place to share all of this, huh?
    I'm enjoying a renewed motivation to share here mainly because I'm completed some cool projects and I wanna show off what I've done. More pics and specs to come from me. I encourage others to keep up the good work at submitting threads and pics. Thanks, I've enjoyed them and they've been useful.
    s/v Renasci

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  4. Greg Olausen

    Greg Olausen

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    Hunter 37 c
    US Ventura
    Jose Guidera (Guidera48) is too modest! He's done a fantastic job of restoring his '79 and documenting what's been done with plenty of photos and explanations. For the 37c Hunter owner, it is a knowledge base in itself. Thanks to all the Hunter owners for the knowledge base and information that this "Newbie" finds essential! -Greg Olausen, owner of '82 37c

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