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H376 Rudder Blisters

Discussion in 'Ask A Hunter Owner' started by rfrye1, Sep 1, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. rfrye1


    Joined Jun 15, 2004
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    Hunter H376
    US San Diego
    I've owned my 1998 H376 for 17 years. The bottom cleaner/diver I'd had forever is reporting some minor blistering just starting on the rudder. Anybody else had/having this issue? His opinion is its minor and no action needed as of now. I had new bottom paint 16 months ago and nothing was said about the rudder then...
    Thanks. Bob.

  2. Don S/V ILLusion

    Don S/V ILLusion

    Joined Sep 25, 2008
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    Alden 50
    US Sarasota, Florida
    Hard to know if it is minor or even if he is confusing it for areas of delamination unless you pull the boat for inspection. Divers aren't always dependable in differentiating.

    Either way, it's say repairable once it's on the hard.

  3. Sailgunner


    Joined Jun 4, 2004
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    Hunter 410
    US Punta Gorda
    Next time out, fix them.

  4. OliveUs


    Joined Apr 17, 2017
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    Hunter 380
    Un Mobile, AL Mobile, AL
    Just bought a 2000 Hunter 380 in Feb. Rudder "passed" survey, but shouldn't have. Hauled out recently and found out had severe problems...No blisters, but it had been worked on before, just poorly.

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