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Gray Enterprises port holes

Discussion in 'Ask All Sailors' started by Fred, Jul 11, 2018 at 4:37 PM. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Fred


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    Hunter H26
    CA Nepean Sailing Club
    this started with the simple task of replacing the gaskets on theGray 715 style opening ports on my H26.

    I ordered gasket from SBO

    When I received it I noticed that it had a T cross section and the old gasket, though flattened didn’t quite seem the same. After some further research and questions SBO insisted that it was the correct part.

    In cleaning out and replacing the gaskets I noticed that the hinges were cracked on the port lenses and the fiddling caused some of them to break.

    I confirmed the required part number for replacement lenses with SBO but alas they were back ordered. ( we are planning on a 3 week cruise next week). I was excited to find that WM had stock and ordered some up for pickup at nearest store ( two hour drive away). Yesterday I picked them up and now am trying to fit them.

    First attempt at installing the lense felt like it was binding somewhere and I was afraid of breaking the plastic hinge tabs. I removed the gasket and the binding is still present. It appears that the holes in the hinge tabs are not precisely aligned with holes on the frame tabs. If I replace the actual hinge pins with some three inch finishing nails the lense closes fine without the gasket. Adding the gasket the stress on the hinge tabs is still very noticeable and disconcerting. I’m still not entirely convinced that I have the correct gasket cross section. The edge of the lense is supposed to fall between two ribs on the frame. The T gasket covers the top of these ribs. So I have several problems...

    1) Do I enlarge the hinge holes in the lense? (Should I be concerned about drilling in acrylic and compromising these pricey new parts?)
    2) Do I install undersized pins ( perhaps a bolt with lock nut)
    3) Do I need a different gasket cross section? (Perhaps the 1/4 “ O type?

    Am looking for some advice. Anyone out there had the same issues?

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  2. Fred


    Joined Sep 27, 2008
    388 posts, 30 likes
    Hunter H26
    CA Nepean Sailing Club
    After further inspection the hinge tab holes are visibly aligned differently from the original part by 1/16 inch or more. This will cause the edge of the lense to interfere with the “ribs” on the port body. I will contact WM and the manufacturer to determine next steps.

  3. Johnb


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    I sent you a private message.

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  4. Fred


    Joined Sep 27, 2008
    388 posts, 30 likes
    Hunter H26
    CA Nepean Sailing Club
    After discussing with Bomar and WM they will send replacements (after my cruise). In the mean time I installed the one port using a three inch cotter pin (rather than original 3/16 pin) which provides enough leeway in the fit to allow the two parts to align and provide space for the gasket to compress. I’ll hold off replacing the second port till I’m satisfied with the first.

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