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going to buy an Irwin 38

Discussion in 'Irwin' started by Maxine56, Aug 12, 2017 at 3:47 AM. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Maxine56


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    Irwin 38
    Fr France Gruissan
    Hi everybody, and please to meet you, this is my first post on this forum so I'm going to try to introduce myself....
    I am a 55 years old french women how has sailed the Caribbean and Indian Ocean as a professional sailor for tree years.... about twenty years ago... today I want to spend the rest of my life sailing the world singlehanded under different latitudes.... and here is a lovely Irwin 38 in the south of France that want me to buy it....
    Any opinions or advices on this sailboat for my program of navigation ?

  2. kloudie1


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    Bienvenue, Welcome to the group.. I have no experience with the boat, I just wanted to say hello ..

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  3. lurker


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    Salut Maxine,

    There is a lot of discussion on Irwins. This one you may find interesting before you decide.

    They have really nice layouts and interiors. As far as strength and suitability for round the world travel I'm not sure if it would be ideal. I have no experience sailing them, only have walked through several when we were boat shopping in the past. Several brokers I know and respect considered them a really nice coastal cruiser but not the best boat for crossing oceans.

    Being in France, you should have a lot of good French, British, and German made boats in your region to consider first. Finding a boat that is a little newer with EC Offshore A certification may be a better place to spend your hard earned money. The first year of any used boat ownership usually involves a certain degree of refitting. Having a boat that has good support locally will likely help this stage go smoother than buying an American boat from a manufacturer no longer in business. (I say this as a Canadian who bought an American made boat, it has been very easy for me to get replacement parts and local knowledge to solve things that have come up.)

    Bonne chance and bienvenue to this forum.

  4. Roland5048


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    Welcome aboard, Maxine. I have sailed the Irwin 38 I believe was about a 1985 or so boat. Quite fast, very roomy, would make a decent live-aboard. However, a bit more tender on the wind then the 37 footer. That's all I have. Good luck in your search and travels.

  5. jssailem


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    Boats are seductive. They catch your eye and you want them to be good you want them to be the one.

    Welcome to the best forum Maxine.

    No personal experience with Irwin boats. They do not show up on the sites like "Blue Water Boats . Org" ( so they have not caught the eye of sailors looking for blue water boats. That said people take all sorts of boats to sea. Some are more kindly than others. Since Irwin has not certified their boats for Blue Water, it would be better to seek a boat that has such certification it will give you peace of mind when the weather and the sea rise up to challenge you and your boat.
    As Lurker has suggested the first year of old boat ownership will be replacement. Especially if you are thinking a blue water adventure. Taking a mast and rigging that is of unknown age on to open water is asking for a failure. You should at the least remove the mast, change out the rigging and remove, inspect and repair all mast hardware. You will be relying on the hull, mast and rigging to power your boat safely. Loosing the mast and rigging will greatly hurt your chances of a safe arrival at your chosen destination.
    Bonne Chance, in your search for the best boat.

  6. Maxine56


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    Irwin 38
    Fr France Gruissan
    Thanks !

  7. Maxine56


    Joined Saturday
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    Irwin 38
    Fr France Gruissan
    Thanks everyone for you answers ! Any tip is helpful in my situation....

    Lurker, I have read through this topic.... and it creeps me a bit.....

  8. seadaddler


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    Any purchase of a used sailboat needs very well looked at everything and fresh eyes will look
    At it better as they won't fall in love very easy and will help to look for any future problems.
    Some times spending $$$$ on a newer or or has less repairs needed boat will will come out a head but sailboats need careful looking at and checking everything and a nice looking boat can turn into a OMG and a big mistake.
    Just saying be careful don't let the beauty fool you.

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