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  1. Phil Herring

    Phil Herring Dethroned Admin

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    US Bainbridge Island
    It's that time again, so drop your undeveloped film at Photomat... oh, right. Find your Flickr password and sort through your best sailing photos from the past year.

    Please post them right here in this thread, one photo per reply, please. (Commenting and liking photos is okay, too!)

    You have 1 week to post

    1 week in which we all vote for the winner

    And 1 week to celebrate the adulation you know you have always deserved, no matter what your boss says

    First prize is a $150 gift certificate for the SBO store, chock full of great stuff your spouse would otherwise discourage you from buying.

    Here's a look at last year's winners.

    Let's do this!


  2. Cfremont


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    Almond 31
    US Havre de Grace
    DSC_1954.JPG Sunset on the hook!

  3. Windpilot


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    Hunter 410
    Windpilot CA MDR
    My 1999 H410 "Windpilot" 0627171329.jpg

  4. MIGuy


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    Catalina 320
    US Holland, MI
    IMG_6489.JPG Pacific Blue !!

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  5. Michael Bourke

    Michael Bourke

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    Hunter 34
    US Ludington MI
    Shiplap in a FOG.


  6. John&Jan


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    Okay 23
    SueLee US Groton
    21-foot tide exchange, Oday 222, Rocky Point, Sea of Cortez

  7. gigasloop


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    Catalina 34
    US Westbrook, CT
    Sunset and moonrise over our Hunter 36 named Moonrise in Lake Montauk NY.
    Moonrise photo.jpg

  8. Bill19233


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    US Baytown TX
    I really like your annual photo contest and enjoy entering, I’ve got some good photos this year. But, will it be a photo contest or a photoshop contest? I don’t have photoshop and wouldn’t know how to use it. Except for cropping and straightening, my photos don’t have much “enhancing”.
    My first entry, osprey in the marina a couple weeks ago, flew 10 feet by me after missing a fish.

  9. Bill19233


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    Hunter 340
    US Baytown TX
    56B5FC39-DA81-404C-AE39-BF804310E5FA.jpeg Same osprey right after missing the fish.

  10. pmirenda


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    Catalina 30 MKIII
    US Beach Haven
    Sailing in big seas on Lake Erie 46495367_10215719364874337_4077361257529737216_o.jpg

  11. msutphen


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    Beneteau First 22
    Un Abilene, TX
  12. FlynBryn


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    Hunter H340
    US Los Angeles
    C7B692ED-4794-4660-854A-244930F87E17.jpeg H340 Heading 180° degrees, due south, for the island of Catalina and the port of Two Harbors. Flying under the Viking Odin Raven Flag, this was taken with only an iPhone.

  13. FlynBryn


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    Hunter H340
    US Los Angeles
    upload_2018-12-3_8-56-49.jpeg Found near solitude on a weekday in June on my H340. Emerald Bay, Catalina. Taken with only an iPhone6.

  14. h2o_snow


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    Hunter 260
    US Lucky Peak, ID
    SueB2 dinner. Lucky Peak, ID.

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  15. nat55


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    Gulfstar 1979 Gulfstar 37
    annienavigates.jpg Annie navigates the old fashioned way.....

  16. jssailem


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    CAL 35 Cruiser
    US Salem, Moored Port Everett WA
    From 2018... Lady Washington... explores Bay of Port Townsend


  17. Boatdog41


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    Hunter 41DS
    Eltanin US Anacortes, WA

    Attached Files:

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  18. vanclisg


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    Hunter Passage 42
    US Merritt island, fl
    Escapaide anchored in Minim Creek 45C4BC7B-1EBE-4C57-BDB0-B9A5AD74EBD5.jpeg

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  19. Gdindy


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    -Hunter -410
    US Washington Park Marina, Michigan City, Indiana
    87294ED7-B285-4B77-9D2D-56D6FD4071DF.jpeg Afternoon light wind sail Lake Michigan

  20. Delmore


    Joined Dec 3, 2018
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    Catalina 36 mkII
    Tranquility US Port Orchard
    Tranquility anchored at Isla San Francisco BCS. GOPR0319.JPG

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