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Fuel leak at fuel injector pump on Yanmar 2GMF

Discussion in 'Mid-Size Boats' started by Reg M, Aug 29, 2016. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Reg M

    Reg M

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    Hi folks,
    I have a fuel leak on one of the lines coming from the injector pump to the injector on the Yanmar 2GMF engine on my 1984 H31. There are two lines coming out of the injector pump and the leak is right where the aft line comes out of the injector pump. In looking at it I was thinking I would have to drain the antifreeze and remove two, maybe three of the cooling hoses and also the forward line from the injector pump in order to get a wrench on the problem line. (I need to install a new O ring for the leaking line). Much to my delight, yesterday I was showing a buddy around the boat and showed him the fuel leak problem and the problems I envisioned in doing the fix. He is a licensed mechanic and told me I only need to use a "crow's foot socket" on the problem line, rather than taking off the other fuel line and the cooling hoses. Apparently, this crow's foot socket is something like an open end wrench with a 90 degree bend in it and it snaps into a ratchet. I am going to Princess Auto today to get a set of these Crow's foot sockets and will post a photo as well as repair results when completed. In all my 50 years of doing my own auto and boat repairs I never heard of this Crow's foot critter. Stay tuned. Reg

  2. kloudie1


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  3. Halipeño


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    I have the same injector leaking at the injector pump problem, but mine is a 3GM30F so I have 3 injectors, and yes the middle one is the one leaking. I will try using the crow foot wrench kloudie1 suggested, but I don't think it will fit in between the other 2 injectors, so I might have to remove the front one to get access. When you did yours, did it go OK, did you remove the cooling hoses, any thoughts or tips?

  4. Reg M

    Reg M

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    Ca Montague
    Sorry folks, I completely forgot to post an update when I completed the job - my bad! I did get the set of crows foot sockets and yes they did do the job, however, I decided that I may as well change the o rings on both lines and it was not that big a deal. And it did solve the leak problem. I did not have to remove any cooling lines.

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