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Fresh Water Tank Vent Location?

Discussion in 'Tartan' started by jviss, Sep 30, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. SG


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    One tank to each y valve port. Vent from each tank to relieve suction. Don’t hydraulically link tanks.

    There are a lot reasons for that. If you want to add a transfer pump, make it a separate line and I would valve it off. That, in my opinion for your situation, is overkill.

  2. jviss


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    Both tanks are vented. I can emulate a Y valve by opening only one ball valve at a time. Would be nice to have a gauge for the bow tank.

  3. jssailem


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    Use a water level to give a gauge of the water in the tank.
    Run a piece of clear tubing from inside the tank to where ever you want to do the measuring. Put a control valve in the line Secure the line to your measuring site. Assure the tube is higher than the tank and open to the air. Fill the tube with water. Burp it. No air in the tube between the valve and the bottom of the tank.
    With boat level open the valve. The water level in the tank will be displayed by the water level in the tube. Simple system.

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