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Folding-feathering prop for First 36s7

Discussion in 'Ask A Beneteau Owner' started by Michael1964, Feb 11, 2019. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Michael1964


    Joined Jan 22, 2008
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    Beneteau 36s7
    US Sea Cliff, NY NY
    I am considering putting a folding prop on my 1997 First 36s7. Has anyone done this? Did it improve performance noticeably? Is there one that is significantly better than others? I am just beginning the process and don't know where to start.

  2. Jackdaw


    Joined Nov 8, 2010
    9,933 posts, 2,977 likes
    Beneteau First 36.7 & 260
    US Minneapolis MN & Bayfield WI
    I'm betting that every single Beneteau First boat built since 2000 has come from the factory with a flexofold 2 or 3 blade folder. I have two boats with them, and sailed on dozens. They perform great under sail and power, require ZERO maintenance, and always open. Recommended.

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  3. Meriachee


    Joined Aug 1, 2011
    3,190 posts, 1,065 likes
    Catalina 270
    CA Wabamun - on the orange ball

  4. Davidasailor26


    Joined May 17, 2004
    1,615 posts, 387 likes
    Beneteau Oceanis 37 LE
    US Havre de Grace
    Third'ed. We went from a fixed 3 blade to Flexofold 3 blade and picked up at least half a knot at low wind speeds, maybe close to a full knot. Also we picked up some speed in high winds, when the fixed prop's turbulence caused rudder stall.

    Here's a comparison of our boatspeed with the fixed (orange dots) and FoF (blue dots). The solid lines are the best fit trendlines.

  5. JohnShannon


    Joined Jan 4, 2010
    719 posts, 77 likes
    Farr 30
    US San Francisco
    They have a new version with a carbon/composite hub so lower weight. But the ultimate is ultimoo (out of Argentina ) a full composite folder. Price isn't bad. I am hoping someone else takes the plunge and reports back!

  6. MikeO53


    Joined Feb 11, 2017
    15 posts, 5 likes
    Everyone always compares performance under sail. Can anyone share their experiences under motor with a 3-blade fixed versus 3-blade flexofold?

  7. Davidasailor26


    Joined May 17, 2004
    1,615 posts, 387 likes
    Beneteau Oceanis 37 LE
    US Havre de Grace
    When we switched to the FOF our motoring speed and RPMs stayed basically the same, or maybe went up 0.1 knots. I've read reports from others saying they had a bigger speed improvement. Our fuel consumption is basically the same as well. Power when motoring in reverse is certainly less with the FOF, but that just means I dock with 1200 RPMs instead of idle.

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  8. Mikem


    Joined Dec 20, 2009
    514 posts, 104 likes
    Hunter 466
    US Bremerton
    I went from a 3 blade fixed to a 3 blade flexofold. Under power maybe .1 or .2 knot gain at about the same rpm...maybe 100rpm less. No problem in reverse just use a few more rpm. Very smooth. Very satisfied. And better performance under sail.

  9. johey


    Joined Jan 2, 2007
    12 posts, 0 likes
    Beneteau 390
    US Baltimore
    I went from 3 blade fixed to 3 blade Kiwiprop (which I'm still really impressed by). Gained quite a bit under sail, about the same under motor forward, better handling and less propwalk in reverse.

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