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Discussion in 'Ask A Hunter Owner' started by Jutta, Sep 3, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Jutta


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    Hunter 336
    US Lelystad
    We do have a 96 Hunter 336 and a problem with the Autohelm ST4000. Don't laugh as me, but I cannot find the fluxgatecompass. Where is it normally placed? By the way. I already checked the boxes wherein the lenspum is installed and (although it perhaps would not make sense) the other one with the batteries, and Victron battery. I checked the box behind the compass with the holder wherein you can place the max of 4 softdrinks. HELP PLEASE and million thanks in advance for any solution.

  2. Whatfiero1


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    Hunter 30t
    US littlecreek
    Can't Identify for your particular boat but usually installed near center of boat

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  3. jssailem


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    CAL 35 Cruiser
    US Salem, Moored Port Everett WA
    It will be wired in your boat to the other components. Follow the wires.

  4. ice breaker

    ice breaker

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    Hunter 41
    US lake superior
    on the newer 41s it was in the bilge, or on mine in the wall cavity in the forward cabin. I found a TV 12 volt transformer right next to stupid. That got removed along with the old TV. Tracks much better now.

  5. Bill Roosa

    Bill Roosa

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    Find the AP control box and its manual. Identify the fluxgate's wire position (don't need to take off the cover just count the wires from one end till you get to the right ones identified in the manual. Then follow the wires. The unit is a 2ish inch round black and about 2 inches tall.

  6. smokey73


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    US Beaufort, SC
    Mine was installed under the aft bunk in the starboard opening below the bunk (the square piece of plywood with a finger hole in it). It could have as easily been in the port opening. Seemed to be a little close to the engine for me so when I installed my new unit I moved it all the way forward under the cabin sole in the V-berth. Just have to remember to not let anyone store any metal nearby. I accidentally laid a battery operated drill right on top of it and the autopilot when wonkers. OOOPS!

  7. Hunter Ad Bot

    Hunter Ad Bot

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  8. JamesG161


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    Hunter 430
    US Waveland, MS
    It should be a 3x3x3 black box, with Autohelm on the cover, one cable, and on its lonesome.

    I found mine, in the aft cabin, port side, and by the layout of your boat....

    In the head board storage of the bed area.

    I'm guessing of course.

  9. shemandr


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    Marblehead Skiff 14'
    US Greenport, NY
    On my 356 I think it was located on the centerline aft of the aft berth. I don't remember exactly but look under the berth towards the rear or above the liner in that area. I had the boat for a few years before I found it.

  10. jssailem


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    CAL 35 Cruiser
    US Salem, Moored Port Everett WA
    You usually don't find it till it becomes important to look. Then it shows up in the last place you look.