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Favorite sailing pic!

Discussion in 'Destinations' started by T_Cat, May 20, 2016. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. David in Sandusky

    David in Sandusky

    Joined Nov 8, 2007
    907 posts, 45 likes
    Hunter 27_75-84
    US Sandusky Harbor Marina, Lake Erie
    Srust, we anchored there last summer.

  2. ToddL214


    Joined May 11, 2014
    13 posts, 1 likes
    Catalina 310
    US Dallas, TX / Lake Texoma
    Early 2016 season lunch and sunset sail, Lake Texoma, (TX/OK state line).


  3. Sailm8


    Joined Feb 21, 2008
    1,332 posts, 72 likes
    Hunter 29.5
    US Punta Gorda
    ladyhawk.jpg Little Shark River, Everglades.

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  4. srust58


    Joined Aug 19, 2013
    129 posts, 9 likes
    Sirius 22
    US Minneapolis
    10590469_1034178113311945_8048571964450294573_n.jpg 48235_103720293024403_8311121_o.jpg 12509690_1034178363311920_4512891687851562864_n.jpg Lampton Cove in the Slate Islands Lake Superior. How often do you find caribou tracks in the sand in the morning

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  5. srust58


    Joined Aug 19, 2013
    129 posts, 9 likes
    Sirius 22
    US Minneapolis
    did you find any fossils? 11896504_959634844099606_6918371914661746260_o.jpg

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  6. walt


    Joined Jun 1, 2007
    2,905 posts, 198 likes
    Macgregor 26S Hobie TI, Capri Coronado 15
    US Denver, Colorado
    Lake Havasu has a boat parade every year and this year on both days of the parade there was a lot of wind. The first picture was taken the second day of the parade, wind was similar on the first day. Most of the sailboats didnt go out until the day after - the rest of the pictures are from a couple days ago.. this was a lot of fun.. Images are all hosted on FB

    (didnt always hold the camera steady.. below)

    Last edited: Dec 6, 2016
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  7. BlowMeAway


    Joined Nov 30, 2015
    623 posts, 219 likes
    Hunter 1978 H30 Cherubini
    US Maine, NY Ithaca, NY
    Walt, That's awesome stuff there.

  8. Justin_NSA


    Joined Jul 7, 2004
    3,692 posts, 305 likes
    Hunter 30T
    US Wichita, KS
    Cool pics Walt. Our club never does that. It's just not the same on the hard :(

  9. Pat


    Joined Jun 7, 2004
    1,037 posts, 29 likes
    Oday 272LE
    US Ninnescah Yacht Club, Wichita, Ks.
    Sailed many miles on lake Texoma....spent the winter sailing there on a friend's boat.....very beautiful sailing and great people
    to party with......Patrick in Wichita

  10. walt


    Joined Jun 1, 2007
    2,905 posts, 198 likes
    Macgregor 26S Hobie TI, Capri Coronado 15
    US Denver, Colorado
    last couple of days Lake Havasu Az.. Wife and I plus dogs did a trawler mode trip with the sailboat, spent the night on the lake (nice to camp in December!!!). I think Im posting too many pictures AGAIN.. Oh well.. pictures are hosted on FB









  11. Sambo420


    Joined Jun 23, 2016
    19 posts, 3 likes
    Cal 20
    US Huntington Beach, CA Huntington Beach
    From my Cal 20 days in and out of the breakwater in Long Beach, CA sail.png

    sailin.jpg sail2.jpg

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  12. All U Get

    All U Get

    Joined Oct 2, 2008
    2,240 posts, 151 likes
    Pearson/ 530
    US Strafford, NH
    Like those boat pictures. What do I have?


    Well that's

    All U Get

  13. Kurt M

    Kurt M

    Joined Feb 13, 2017
    1 posts, 2 likes
    Catalina 27
    US California Lake Tahoe
    Sunrise... moored at Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe CA July 2017 - sunrise_starbursts_bdrpc.jpg Catalina 34 " SIERRA "

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  14. DayDreamer41


    Joined Oct 29, 2016
    365 posts, 103 likes
    Hunter 41 DS
    Un Michigan Port Huron
    Going for the dominant starboard tack to the start line
    Sunday Races.jpg

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