1. Roger Long

    Roger Long

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    And so, this long tale, which has unfolded here over almost three years, comes to a close. It began as the story of a man leaving home on an open ended odyssey. It concludes with his realization that it was actually a journey home to a place he knew but never recognized as such.

    Dreameagle joined me in Croton and we ran up to New Hamburg through the most spectacular part of the Hudson with a bit of sailing off Beacon. Forumite and new friend, RonRelyea, met us in New Hamburg and showed hospitality as fine as I’ve encountered anywhere on this long cruise. New Hamburg is a gem of a place, a small village where the yacht club and boats seem to be the center of social life.

    Ron took Dreameagle to the train in the morning to return to a round of social and professional commitments. All the weather delays on the trip up from Cape May caused me to miss by a day being able to put the boat in her summer slip and move ashore. I decided to take that as an opportunity to see the rest of the river up to the head of navigation for vessels with masts.

    Although not as spectacular as the West Point section, the river just below Catskill is the most beautiful with its view of the mountains. The upper river is the most interesting. I’ve just been cruising around waiting to put the boat in the slip Friday morning when Dreameagle returns from New York. These last days have been a relaxed and wonderful cruise to cap these thousands of miles exploring the coast from Halifax, NS to Florida.

    The Hudson is a great cruising ground although with its own challenges. The charts are largely fictional. I did something I never thought I would be able to do in this life, look at an uncharted island complete with large trees. Who would have thought I could find such in one of the most civilized waterways I’ve traveled? It isn’t a change in topography, it was outside the channel and no one ever bothered to put it on the chart. Water depths in good and protected anchorages are often 4 – 6 feet less than charted. There is something wonderful about having trains running by three to four hundred feet away. I am looking forward to a lot of day sailing and short cruises here, especially next fall in foliage season.

    I’m currently undecided about resuming posts here when Dreameagle and I cruise to Maine in August and September. Cruising as a couple is different and there is a lot less time for sitting at a keyboard. Also different will be that cruising will again be as it is for most, a change and respite from life ashore. Friday, my life as a full time live aboard sailor and wander comes to an end, as does major chapter of my life and the body of writing this forum has become.

    I want to thank everyone who has followed these posts and responded. I especially want to thank those who I have met through this forum and who have showed me so much hospitality these past years. You have all made this a far richer experience than it ever could have been otherwise.

  2. kloudie1


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    Ahhh the adventure continues.. a fine voyage past and a new one opening!.. Best to yall, Roger.
    I have enjoyed reading your posts along the way!

  3. Stu Jackson

    Stu Jackson

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    Don't thank us, we thank you! :)

    "I’m currently undecided about resuming posts here..."

    Please keep them up, however you see fit. You prose and phtographs are always appreciated.

    If this is the Epilog, then there's always Book #2. :)

    Thanks again, I learned a lot.

  4. woodster


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    Well Roger i am glad you have some new direction in your life and I am thinking you for your great posts up and down the coast. I personally have learned a lot from you in your travels.
    It has been an honor to meet you in S.C last year and have a nice chat over breakfast and shopping for produce...i am also glad you have been able to do your adventure without getting harmed by some unforeseen event......

    best to you and Dream Eagle.....

  5. Scott T-Bird

    Scott T-Bird

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    Roger, you certainly had some interesting twists and turns throughout your travels. A few days ago I was wondering which direction you would have gone if your diesel troubles had put you on the sidelines. Somehow, you found a way to dodge those bullets and look where you are now? How much different would your life be if you had been sidelined by an engine that really did give up the ship?

    I had a spectacular photo of Sue and I during a hike on Bear Mtn, overlooking the river just north of the Bear Mtn bridge. There was a sailboat way down on the river making it's way upstream for winter storage, I suppose, since it was in November. I wish I could find it right now ... the scenery along the river is nothing short of spectacular. Have a great summer!

  6. Roger Long

    Roger Long

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    US Portland, Maine
    Here are a couple images of the Hudson to leave you all with.

    The Catskills while coming up the river:


    My last anchorage in cruising mode. I may anchor tonight but today begins the process of organizing the boat and transitioning ashore:


    You can download or view the full size panorama image here:

  7. zeehag


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    hudson river sailing is always awesome... every day different and absolutely gorgeous

  8. trasel


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    Ah Roger...I will certainly miss reading your travel adventures...and I hope you will write to the forum when you see fit...you have inspired me and others to "live the sailing dream", and for that I say thank you...best of luck in the next chapter of your life.

  9. Stu Jackson

    Stu Jackson

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    When I went to the SPOT page, I spied Great Barrington, MA, to your east. East of GB is the little town of Monterey. I went to summer camp on Lake Garfield from 1953 to 1963. Learned to sail on Beetle Catboats. Also learned to never cleat off a mainsheet on an old but sleek 20 foot wooden sailboat with a jib and main! Ooops, capsized! Swam back, very sheepishly...:)

    If you haven't yet, take in a summer concert at Tanglewood.

  10. weinie


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    I spent a few years rowing crew during college in the late eighties/early nineties near the mid-hudson bridge. Beautiful and so tranquil...I remember some lovely but, frigid early morning workouts there.
    (of course we rowed so hard, we somtimes puked into the water...but that's another story).

  11. RonRelyea


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    Fair Winds!


    Thank you for the kind words. The pleasure was all mine! Hopefully, we will stay in touch!


  12. rtshinn


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    Roger, I have looked forward to and enjoyed every post. Hopefully there will be more, but it will be as you wish.

    May your life with Dream Eagle be smooth sailing.

  13. py26129


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    Change is good and it sounds like it's very good in your case. I've beed reading your posts about boat improvements and sailing ever since you purchased Strider and were relieved that the kids didn;t pick a horrible name.

    If you feel ike it, do keep posting, when it's convenient.

    Thanks for the vicarious trips.



  14. finding41


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    Thank you Roger for showing us that you can follow your dreams and make them work out. It's been a pleasure reading about all of your adventures. You have given us so much!
    Get going on making new dreams come true!
    Fair winds.

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