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Ed Schenck - Tragic bicycle accident, we lose one of our own

Discussion in 'Ask All Sailors' started by Rich Stidger, Nov 13, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Rich Stidger

    Rich Stidger

    Joined Feb 10, 2004
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    Hunter 40.5
    US 1997 h40.5 Bristol, RI

  2. jviss


    Joined Feb 5, 2004
    2,788 posts, 314 likes
    Tartan 3800
    US Westport, MA
    Oh, that's so sad. Rest In Peace.

  3. Bob S

    Bob S

    Joined Sep 27, 2007
    1,392 posts, 34 likes
    Beneteau 393
    US New Bedford
    Terrible news. My prayers and thoughts for his family.

  4. Will Gilmore

    Will Gilmore

    Joined Oct 19, 2017
    2,721 posts, 1,159 likes
    O'Day 19
    US Littleton, NH
    I am so sorry to hear about his passing.
    I had a similar accident on my own bicycle about 10 years ago and have suffered headaches from it ever since. Had I been even the 54 years old that I am today, when it happened, I'm sure I wouldn't have survived it either.
    -Will (Dragonfly)

  5. Terry Cox

    Terry Cox

    Joined Dec 25, 2000
    3,200 posts, 308 likes
    Hunter Passage 42
    US Shelter Bay, WA
    Tragic impact on his family to have something like this happen. We will keep him and his family in our prayers. So sad.

  6. jssailem


    Joined Oct 22, 2014
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    CAL 35 Cruiser
    US Salem, Moored Port Everett WA
    Sad news
    Prayers for he and his family.

  7. seadaddler


    Joined Dec 19, 2006
    5,331 posts, 112 likes
    Hunter 36
    US Punta Gorda
    I am so sad to hear Ed’s passing and had the pleasure of taking
    Ed sailing on my sailboat years back and always enjoyed to see his post here.

  8. Bob R.

    Bob R.

    Joined Jun 5, 2004
    141 posts, 5 likes
    Hunter 356
    US Pasadena, MD
    I remember seeing some of Ed's posts on the forum and his reply's to mine. He was a knowledable sailor. The account of his bicycle accident hit close to home. I am a avid rider, 15-20 miles/day, 4-5 days/wk. At the end of August on my morning ride on a bike path I rode almost every day, I rounded a corner and hit a light pole that a car accident the night before had knock down across the path. The impact threw me over the handlebar with my face hitting the pavement. I lost 3 front teeth. My helmet probably saved my life. I'll remember Ed.

  9. Allan12210


    Joined Jan 22, 2008
    1,408 posts, 151 likes
    Hunter 34
    US Alameda CA
    I am so sorry to hear about Ed's passing. He contributed a lot to the forums over the years.

    Regarding bicycles, I ride every Mon, Wed, Thurs (for 16 years). I ran into a steel post in May and cracked my pelvis in two places. It completely healed in 10 weeks. I guess I am luckier than I thought. At 67 I'm in denial about mortality apparently. Riding really helps me stay fit so it is a hard habit to give up. I'm sure Ed was doing what he loved. Condolences to his family.

  10. Ron20324


    Joined Jan 22, 2008
    6,171 posts, 563 likes
    Beneteau 323
    US Annapolis MD
    This planet Earth needs all the Angels the Good Lord can gather. Here's hoping Ed can make a difference there, too.

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  11. Benny17441


    Joined May 24, 2004
    5,450 posts, 325 likes
    CC 30
    US South Florida
    He was good guy. I remember his postings and the fact that he liked to ride bikes. May he rest in peace.

  12. Roland5048


    Joined May 12, 2004
    1,040 posts, 293 likes
    Hunter Cherubini 30
    US New Port Richey
    My deepest condolences to all his family and loved ones including all here on the SBO forum. He will sorely be missed.

    Last edited: Nov 13, 2017
  13. Dalliance


    Joined Oct 6, 2007
    603 posts, 58 likes
    Hunter 1982 H30 Cherubini
    US Chicago (Burnham)
    Sad news. I always enjoyed his posts. He will be missed here.

  14. Stu Jackson

    Stu Jackson

    Joined Feb 26, 2004
    19,902 posts, 573 likes
    Catalina 34
    224 CA Maple Bay, BC, Canada
    What a shame, very, very nice man. Like so many others here, he was part of "our own little family." Condolences to his family.

  15. Maine Sail

    Maine Sail Moderator

    Joined Feb 6, 1998
    10,685 posts, 515 likes
    Canadian Sailcraft 36T
    US Casco Bay, ME
    I'm so saddened to hear this. Ed really enjoyed helping others and was a true SBO family member which was reflected in his kindness and postings.. I honestly had no idea he was 75!!

    Ed's last post here was Friday of last week and he last checked in on Sunday morning at 9:20 am when "liked " a response post by jssailem.

    Ed was always polite & helpful and was certainly noticed and will certainly be missed here.

    May the winds be great where ever you are my friend!

  16. Brian D

    Brian D Moderator

    Joined Feb 17, 2006
    3,956 posts, 625 likes
    Lancer 27PS
    US MCB Camp Pendleton, Ca KF6BL
    Now cracks a noble heart.—Good night, sweet prince,
    And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

  17. Scott T-Bird

    Scott T-Bird

    Joined Oct 26, 2008
    3,372 posts, 475 likes
    Starwind 27
    US Barnegat, NJ
    This little family of ours is touched by so many people and it is sad to lose one of our own. I wonder if it would be appropriate to have an "In Memorium" section that notes the passing of our members when it becomes known. There is a section in my high school class web page that does this, where people leave comments and memories of our classmates whom have passed and they are always very respectful.

  18. Bob S

    Bob S

    Joined Sep 27, 2007
    1,392 posts, 34 likes
    Beneteau 393
    US New Bedford
    It's tragic and it brings the reality of how vulnerable we really are. To be riding at 75 shows you how he enjoyed life. I've often wondered when a familiar name stops posting how they may be. (Ross, RichH, Sailingdog) This is truly an amazing forum and we'll miss him.

  19. Justin_NSA


    Joined Jul 7, 2004
    4,620 posts, 700 likes
    Hunter 30T
    US Cheney, KS
    Great idea. Our club has a traditional Blessing of the Fleet every year and we begin with recognizing past members who have left this earth. Names are called out and a bell is rung.

  20. py26129


    Joined Oct 25, 2011
    572 posts, 93 likes
    Island Packet IP31
    CA Lake St. Louis, Montreal
    I am very sad to read this news. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.


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