Easier to replace a Jabsco head than to fix it?

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    I've got two heads. One goes to a cracked holding tank. We won't talk about that.
    The other goes to a nice new top-fitting head with hoses not older than 5 years. It's a Jabsco manual "compact" head - which is to say the bowl is the size of a toilet you'd use to potty-train a toddler. Also, it appears to leak black water from basically every gasket, and the joker valve closes completely about 80% of the time, refilling the bowl the rest of the time.

    I saw in a youtube video that Jabsco marine toilets come nearly completely assembled. You just have to bolt them down, connect the hoses and you're good to go (in theory). And it looks like Defender.com has the non-compact manuals on sale for $225 or thereabouts.

    And so I'm thinking that installing a new Jabsco (where the floor bolts all line up with the previous assembly) would actually be substantially less work than fixing the one I have now, where I'd have to replace all the gaskets and probably re-connect the hoses just to rule them out as culprits anyway.

    The gasket kits are $40 from what I've seen (and I don't know how old my current unit is, so I have to worry about non-matching parts). I'd be paying $185 to save myself maybe a couple of hours of mucking about.

    So, esteemed reader, is that crazy to replace a whole toilet just to cut down on the time spent with a wrench wrestling with nasty hoses in a confined space?

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    When my B323 was almost new I found a good buy on the "household" size. Great upgrade. If you have a twist-lock pump, those are newest model. Yeah, replace that one. At least, then, you'd know what you are staring with. Nice part about the twist-lock handle, (as someone pointed out) you can unscrew it to inject lube into the pump cylinder.

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  3. jssailem


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    I think you already know what you want to do.
    I have found that the best way to work on said issues is to give the tank, head and the lines a good rinse and suck out before jumping in. Granted this works best in the marina with a pump out.
    And use rubber gloves.
    If there is a terrible smell, :confused: a dab of Vicks Vapor Rub right below the nose helps.

    What is the downside of replacement. Replacing the head sounds like you’ll get a bigger seat for your bottom. :ass::dancing:

    You need a reasonable seat to contemplate your next activity each morning.

    Dive in. You can always use the one you remove as a back up.

    Maybe consider an alternate to the Jabsco. Like a Raritan.

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    What John said. I once owned (and constantly repaired and rebuilt) a Jabsco head for a decade on a prior boat. Present boat has a Raritan PH2, for over twenty years. No rebuilding.
    I believe that the best upgrade for your old Jabsco head is to fling it with real feeling... into a dumpster.
    Replace it with a Raritan.

    And do use latex gloves...... :)
    I have replaced all hoses and the holding tank over the years. Not any fun, but not 'rocket science' either.
    Just patience and perseverance. (!)

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  5. Calif. Ted

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    I've replaced the Jabsco with a Raritan on every boat I've owned, recently replaced 3 Jabscos on friend's boats who battled with Jabsco's for years. And the bolt holes are the same.
    And replace the hoses anyway while you are there, I've seen them clog in as little as 6 years when in continuous use.

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  6. JRT


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    My C310 was upgraded to Raritan PH2, that seems to be the #1 approach to Jabscos repairs.

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    I replaced all the seals on a new-to-me Jabsco manual compact that came on my 2009 H36 last season. I couldn't fix whatever was making it back fill and spray seawater (?) through the pump housing on every downstroke. So I purchased the entire pump housing for around $80, which so far has done the trick. It took me ~20 min to pull out the old one and drop in the new one over the winter (already rinsed and pumped out and new hose to holding tank installed to replace the permeated one) .

    That said, for not much more you could replace the entire thing with a Jabsco household size and be happier. Or upgrade to a higher quality household size one like others have suggested and be even happier with less maintenance on it. If all the bolt holes line up, and you're not changing water source or replacing hose, then its really a pretty simple job. I'd opt for the more comfortable option at a minimum and change it all out, and the more expensive comfortable option if you can spare the $$.

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  8. Ward H

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    Hmmmm, tear apart a nasty old toilet trying to fix it or replace with a nice new clean toilet? No question there. Replace.
    As @jssailem said, you need a comfortable place to sit and, no offense, you don't look like a tiny guy.

    The most comfortable head I used was @LeslieTroyer s heated head. :biggrin:

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  9. limbodog


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    Less maintenance and I don't have to drill new holes in glass? Sounds like a plan.
    Tho' they do seem to cost twice as much. But I have to imagine that pays for itself every year I don't need to work on it.

  10. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

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    I'm gonna answer your question with a question: Which would YOU rather do...spend at least 85% of the price of replacement pump for a rebuild kit that may or may not solve your problem, spend hours installing the kit (often only to discover you got something in upside down or backward)...or remove and replace a few bolts and a couple of hoses to swap out the pump for an identical new one? Or for a bit more money, replace it with a toilet that will easily provide at least 20 years of reliable trouble free service if it's just kept well lubricated and rebuilt every 5-6 years Raritan PH SuperFlush Mounting bolt pattern matches Jabsco manual...hose connections are a little different but still a lot easier to deal with than rebuilding your Jabsco.


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  11. limbodog


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    Sure, when you put it that way...

    Tho I've been reading online reviews and there appears to have been a dip in quality in the past few years. WalMart Effect™ maybe? Or just a couple unlucky travelers

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  12. stuartsw


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    Same on my 2009 H36. (#211). Just replaced the pump assembly. Easier and about as cheap if you tote up time spent. We live aboard. I replace the joker valve every year as well.
    With all due respect to the Headmistress, Jabsco is not always inferior to Raritan, in my experience.

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    Answer to the title, yes of course its easier to replace now the next question, with what? Raritan or Jabsco, sounds like Raritan is the preferred throne de jour now which Raritan, Super flush, PHII big decisions coming your way........

  14. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    Peggie Hall HeadMistress

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    The SuperFlush is the current version of the PHII. It still uses the tried and true PHII pump. The main "upgrade" is a new base with mounting bolt pattern that match most other toilets. Not sure whether sbo.com sells it...get a quote from Dave before you go elsewhere for it. If you have to go elsewhere, Defender has it for +/- $300 depending on bowl size.

  15. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    Peggie Hall HeadMistress

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    Everything works better and lasts longer if it's maintained...although some things can withstand neglect and still keep working.
    However, ITT spun Jabsco off several years ago to a company called Xylem Flow Control. Although Xylem is a US company they do -0- manufacturing here. It's all in 3 parts of the world: the UK, China and Mexico...and Mexico is where every Jabsco product sold in the US is now made, with materials and components sourced from China and other Asian sources.
    Raritan, otoh, still builds everything in the US, keeps a very tight rein on quality control and stands solidly behind everything they make...which explains why Raritan products have been consistently top-rated since they opened their doors in the '60s (or possibly even late 50s).


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  16. thinwater


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    The simplest solution, which will solve your problem positively in 15 minutes, is to replace the head pump unit. It is about $95 and will basically give you a hew head with an old seat. Really easy.

    Not sayin' there aren't better heads. There are. But this is an easy good fix that was not mentioned. Should hold you several years and very hard to do wrong or to get in trouble.

    Working on a head does not need to be a messy job, if you flush multiple times first. Really. Same thing with replacing the head. Flush, flush with vinegar and soak, and then flush once more. Easy.

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    1. You cannot pay for better advice than Peggy provides for free here.
    2. Seriously.
    3. I’m not f’ing even kidding.
    4. But in the end it’s your call. Good luck.

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  18. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    Peggie Hall HeadMistress

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    Thanks for the kind words, tfox!

    You must have read my book! :biggrin:

  19. Garbonzo


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    I assume everybody has read your book.. Air lots of it and KO, boom done.

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    I used to put up with leaky Jabscos for many years, not realizing there was an alternative. On my current boat, one of the first projects I did was replace the Jabsco compact for the Raritan Superflush. However, to prevent waste and save a few bucks, I purchased their "Raritan PH Super Flush Conversion Kit #P103". It includes everything but the bowl, so you can re-use the bowl and lid from your existing Jabsco. All the holes matched up perfectly.