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Daysailer III Cuddy door help

Discussion in 'Day Sailers' started by SN0WD0G, Oct 27, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. SN0WD0G


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    Oday Daysailer III
    US N/A
    Does anyone have blueprints of the Oday Daysailer III cuddy door so that I can repair/ make my own replacement cuddy door? (Also I have read that the Daysailer II also has the same size cuddy door).

    It would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Sunbird22358


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    Oday Day Sailer
    US Wareham, MA
    Well, I don't have the blue prints, but I do have an old set in my basement that I can try to measure! As far as I know the DS II and DS III had the same size cuddy opening. (D&R Marine lists the covers as fitting both. (I'd say just order a set from them, but the price is a bit steep!) The ones I have in my basement (original set from my 1979 DS II) are a bit delaminated and shop-worn, I bought a new set from Rudy (D&R) several years ago and have kept the old ones around. I might try to trace them and make a pattern.

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  3. SN0WD0G


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    Oday Daysailer III
    US N/A
    Thank you, I have a set of cuddy doors also, but I was just wondering if someone already had the measurements because I and restoring the boat and it have cracks in the hull and holes in the cuddy compartment and needs new rope and lots more. I am also fixing a trailer for it to go onto at the same time, but I dont want to have you go out of your way for me, but I am greatly appreciated.

  4. Flyingscot64


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    Since you have the doors already, you could just re veneer them . my door really looked bad missing veneer bubbled up veneer, resurfacing the old one ,you already have the correct size and thickness.

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  5. LJBrennan007


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    ODay Day Sailer 2
    US Fabius, NY
    I've been meaning to build a door or cover or something for my DS II also (the Red Pearl). I don't have the benefit of an existing one for use as a template but figured I can measure the opening and get close enough. When I was given the boat about 5 years ago it was pretty rough and missing a boom, rudder, and sail as well as all the rigging. I think I spent about $1500 on my "free" boat over at Rudy's place getting all the stuff I needed but she is a nice sailing vessel now. Let us know how you make out with yours.

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  6. Will D

    Will D

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    Wow, what a difference!

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