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Cumberland Island Short Cruise

Discussion in 'Roger Long - The further adventures of Strider' started by Roger Long, Jan 30, 2015. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Roger Long

    Roger Long

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    This was cruising the way most people do it. Sail somewhere within an easy days sail, spend two nights with a day of walking an exploring ashore, and then return. We could have been working stiffs on a weekend. In a way, work was to blame. We pick up a rental car tomorrow and drive back to Virginia for a meeting about the research vessel. When we return, we’ll finally be ready to head on south.

    We left the Brunswick Landing Marina on a blustery day. We could have had a grand sail but it was just too cold to work that hard. The wind was northeast as we passed the southern end of Jekyll Island so the waters where the ICW magenta line takes a detour far out among the shoals looked very rough and uninviting. A hard turn to starboard at the Raccoon Key Split marker took us up the Satilla River and through Floyd Creek to rejoin the ICW in nicely protected waters.

    After anchoring in the Brickhill River, we rowed the dinghy ashore for a walk. To our dismay, the signs near the camping area indicated that one of the large managed hunts was in progress. A ranger drove by shortly after and we asked if it was OK to be walking around. “No”. Woops. However, he told us that the season’s hunts were ending that very afternoon and the island would be ours the next day. I do seem to have the most amazing luck with these things.

    The next day must rank as the most amazing walk ashore I have had since I started this forum. Except for some hunters we met striking camp on our return, we didn’t see a single person all day. If I had to pick the most beautiful place I have been for a walk ashore while cruising in a boat, I think this would have to be it.





    The full photo album is here:

    (Most pictures by Dreameagle but a few by me.)

    The first night was as quiet as any I have ever spent in a boat. The wind blew up a bit the second and we woke to partly cloudy skies and rising wind. The wind had backed into the northwest however so wasn’t blowing unrestrained down the coast into St Andrew Sound. We therefore returned by the standard route and ran Jekyll Creek at dead low tide. This made me feel good since it is identified as an ICW problem stretch. There is water if you know where to look. I only saw the sounder dip below six feet once and that was only by half a foot. We never touched.

    We were back at the marina by early afternoon to catch up on email and prepare these pictures.

  2. Roger Long

    Roger Long

    Joined Nov 22, 2008
    3,563 posts, 8 likes
    Endeavour 32
    US Portland, Maine
    Oh, did I mention the armadillos? They are the first I have ever seen and cuter than I don't know what. Both of our phones had run out of juice by the time we saw the though.

  3. Stu Jackson

    Stu Jackson

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    Keep 'em coming.

    Fair winds.

  4. Kermit


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    Welcome to the South!

  5. woodster


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    opossum on the half shell in texas

  6. Scott T-Bird

    Scott T-Bird

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    Thanks for that glimpse into Cumberland Island. For a truly authentic FB selfie, you'll need to try again with the "duck face" selfie!

  7. ShotgunSlim


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    Thanks for sharing Roger, Cumberland Island is one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited and I can't wait to go back. I spent 4 days there camping, hiking, shell collecting and taking in as much as I could. You picked the right time to go because I tell you what, July is tick season for sure!

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