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Considering buying Yamaha 30-2

Discussion in 'Yamaha' started by DimonOpa, Jan 31, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. DimonOpa


    Joined Jan 31, 2017
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    Yamaha 30'
    Ca Victoria BC Sidney
    Hi guys,
    I am seriously considering buying Yamaha 30 tall rig. It would be my first boat. I'm hoping to be able to do some long distance racing and maybe some beercan racing. I have 8 years of racing experience sailing Sonar 23. Yamaha looks like a sound boat and seem to be perfect for my needs for cruising. My concern is, how competitive is Y30 design? (Having a heavy inboard and a fuel tank in a bow...) I appreciate your input.

  2. Jalepeno


    Joined Mar 2, 2008
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    Cal 25 mk II
    CA T-Bird Marina, West Vancouver
    My marina neighbour is a 1982 Yamaha 30 that he bought new and is very pleased with it. She has the same Yanmar YSM12 motor that I have in my CAL. I would not worry about the motor being in the bow, the hull is designed for that. They changed the design in the later 1980s and moved the motor to the traditional rear location. I’m told Yamaha sailboats have a very good reputation for both quality of build and sailing ability. If I was looking for a newer boat, I would have a look at these local boats:

    Depending on your size and budget desires it may be worth while to look at this one:

    Remember that the cost of ownership goes up exponentially with the length. i.e. Marina moorage, maintenance, sails, hardware, insurance, etc.

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  3. DimonOpa


    Joined Jan 31, 2017
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    Yamaha 30'
    Ca Victoria BC Sidney
    Ericson 28 or 27 was my other option. :) Unfortunately it was sold yesterday.

  4. palacegrand


    Joined Jul 9, 2004
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    Yamaha 30 -
    Ca Sidney
    I have a Yamaha 30 Tall Rig, in Sidney at Westport. The fellow I bought it from in Seattle used to race it and I understand it did fine.
    But me, I don't race so I don't really know how well it does beer canning.
    I mostly single hand daysail & cruise, though the girlfriend will come along when her schedule allows.
    The boat is very well built, solid and well thought out. Original gear seems top notch. Engine in the bow, and while I thought it was too small (12hp) it is actually more than sufficient.

    Satori single hands very well, is very comfortable and will move along well. Doesn't feel like it points quite as tightly as my old Ranger 28, but then few will. I find the tall rig handy for a lot of the summer/fall quiet days, but for winter & spring sailing I'll reef early to keep her a bit flatter. She seems to slow if overly heeled, but I've often sailed with main 2nd reef and jib to 1/3 in 15+knots and still do an easy 6/7 knots.
    For cruising it's a dream. There's a lot of room inside, nice headroom, and a decent galley (though I'll add a cooler for longer trips). I added a Newport propane furnace which does a nice job (and quick) for cooler weather cruising. The V-berth is ... a tad short for two, but my girlfriend is a real "snuggle then stretch out" so I can find myself cramped. The large quarter berth can sleep two, or nice size for a single. I patched together a setup between the two settees that allows us more room sleeping across the saloon. I kinda wish I had the 33 for even a bit more space, but I don't actually know if the V berth is any longer.
    One downside for me: I'd like to have a dodger for winter but the boom is a bit low and the traveller is in the way of making a good sized one work. Though I have seen them on a couple of Yam's.
    How's that for some starting info?

  5. Rick B

    Rick B

    Joined Nov 14, 2008
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    We used to have a Yamaha 30 Mk II with the engine under the cockpit. Well built boat and the boat we moved up to after owning a San Juan 24 for 17 years.

    The light air performance was no-where as good as the San Juan 24 and the motor in the stern model had more weather helm than the San Juan 24.

    WE hit a log in English Bay in Vancouver in The Yamaha 30 and I hauled the boat and there was only paint damage. I suspect the keel would have ripped off hitting the same log in our old San Juan 24.

    I remember it was a bit of a problem getting the 8 lb "fat boy" propane tanks needed for the propane locker so make sure these are still available. Don't worry about the foot rails on the cockpit seats, they are comfortable.

    We now have a Yamaha 33 tall rig with lead keel and motor in the stern. New motor. Keep that in mind when you buy and get a mechanical inspection.

  6. kampuniform


    Joined Jan 20, 2017
    2 posts, 1 likes
    Yamaha 33
    Ca Vancouver Vancouver
    Regarding the local boats, I've seen the 33. She has some serious rot appearing on her bulkhead where the chainplates pass into the interior, and her shore power has been permanently decommissioned for insurance purposes. The head gasket on her Yanmar was replaced, so I suspect some overheating/exhaust issues. Her owner put some money into her, but raced her hard. An ounce of prevention is invaluable when gleaning for a good used yacht, and there is probably a good reason why the 33 in question has sat on the market for quite a while now.

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