Cockpit speakers and anchorage noise

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    -Will ("survivalist", Dragonfly)

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    The morning of my wedding day I went hunting with my fiance and she killed her first deer ever, a white tail doe. Then for lunch we went into Ingram, TX and saw the Kerr County Justice of the Peace and got married. We then went back to the ranch and she got her first buck, a little six point Sika, because she thinks they're handsome. So I went hunting in the morning with my fiance and hunting that afternoon with my wife, which is a story not many people can tell. I did lose a good rifle in the deal. My 6mm Remington is now hers. And I'm now forced to go deer hunting for my anniversary every year. (Head-slap, the things I do for my wife!) She calls it grocery shopping with a rifle.
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    I have to ask, Dan. What are you doing on St Valentine's Day? :)

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    I have no cockpit speakers on the boat but I do have a jukebox in the salon. I try to be respectful around others however when a really good song is on, all bets are off. LOL-former powerboater.

    Another boater near me last season had a Silent Wind generator. Couldn't even hear it & no I was listening to tunes:)

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    Whatever he wants. Seriously. With her by his side, he’ll be happy doing ANYTHING.

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