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Class legal rudder replacement

Discussion in 'Catalina Capri 22 Forum' started by FCGunsett, Jul 26, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. FCGunsett


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    I am searching for a new rudder for Capri 22 104. Last night during our Wednesday night race I heard a crack and lost control of my boat.
    Apparently, over the years water had been seeping into the bolt that connected the pintle to the rudder. The inner wooden core became compromised and last night in 12 knt winds broke and is now on the bottom of the lake. If you have an older barn door rudder, you may want to check this and make sure that these holes are drilled and epoxied so that water can not enter the rudder.

    My question is where can I find a class legal rudder? The replacements listed on Catalina Direct, specifically state that they are not class legal. If I should not worry about this, I would entertain suggestions on recommended replacement rudders.

    Thank you.

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  2. delling3


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    Do you race one-design? If so, you need a class-legal rudder. If you are racing under PHRF, you may want to consult with your PHRF district to see if they will penalize you for running a semi-balanced rudder. Many will not change your rating. Rudder Craft is the supplier that Catalina Direct uses for their rudders. If you need a class legal rudder, you might try contacting Foss Foam - not sure if they will have a CP22 rudder, but they have rudders for a lot of production boats.

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