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Chronicling the Rescue and Refubishment of my Yamaha 33

Discussion in 'Yamaha' started by kampuniform, Jun 30, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Olyjeff


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    Yamaha 33
    Koodori Us wA Olympia
    Hi, What is the name of the group?

  2. Olyjeff


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    Yamaha 33
    Koodori Us wA Olympia
    I found it. Thanks

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    A decent enough site, except just watch what you say or you'll get blocked.

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    Yamaha 33
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    Just re-found this forum. Thank you guys for adding any info regarding the Yamaha 33 which is difficult to find.

    I recently bought a Yamaha 33 (this past summer) in Europe. I looked at all the boats mentioned and lucked out with one in Europe. It was used lightly a few weeks a year for most of its life then a total refit in 2010. Was very lucky with a boat that had a lot of money sunk into it with all major gear replaced. Only thing is minor cosmetic nicks and chips. Only real concern are the windows - they are fine now but would be interested in any longer term solutions. And she rests in the Med where she will be sailed hopefully in the summers time permitting.

    Kampuniform thank you for this documentation as it has been helpful to better understand these boats.

    Thought I would add these sites. They are Japanese but have Yamaha's for sale. Some looked tired but that is probably more to do with monsoons and brutally muggy summers. There are other sites but you need someone Japanese to navigate them.

Gray ports and parts
The most popular port on boats built from the 70s into the 90s.
NEW, updated Get Rid of Boat Odors
The bible of marine toilets and plumbing, expanded and updated for 2016!
Merriman pedestal control head
Finally, an aluminum replacement for this YS Merriman part.
Sunbrella lifesling covers
Any color, fits over existing bag to match your existing canvas.