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Cherubini Hunter for the long haul

Discussion in 'Ask A Hunter Owner' started by Spazz, May 14, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Spazz


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    Hunter 1978 cherubini 30 shoal draft
    Un Little Falls
    My wife and i own a 1978 hunter 30 sd cherubini. It was intended to be our first boat, but many many upgrades, repairs, tweaks later we love it and dont want to part with it....the issue...we want to take it all over the big pond and live aboard. Besides tankage, what reason would we really have to need to go bigger, newer, different style boat, ect if we are comfortable with what we have?

    Looking to hear from others that have made long trips in various different weather conditions and what their thoughts are.

    Please dont hold back....nothing is more valuable then old salt perspectives.

  2. John Tubb

    John Tubb

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    O'Day 25
    US Guntersville, AL
    Following to learn, but I'd replace all the standing rigging and look at beefing up the life lines. I think you also need to make sure the hatch boards are watertight too.

  3. Jackdaw


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    Beneteau First 36.7 & 260
    US Minneapolis MN & Bayfield WI
    This sounds like a great adventure, but how are you planning on doing that? Do you either of you have a residence visa? You cannot exceed 90 days in any 180 day period within the Schengen area, same in the UK.

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  4. Roland5048


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    Hunter Cherubini 30
    US New Port Richey
    I have the same boat but a '77 model. A couple of questions. OK, four.
    How long have you had your boat?
    What upgrades have you done?
    How long was your longest trip on her?
    Where did you cruise?
    I feel that before we can really answer your question we need to know a bit more background.

  5. Spazz


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    Hunter 1978 cherubini 30 shoal draft
    Un Little Falls
    Jackdaw....not sure but i know others do it all the time, so i am sure there is a way, but thank you for the thought, i have have to research that further. Do you have any insights?

  6. Spazz


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    Hunter 1978 cherubini 30 shoal draft
    Un Little Falls
    Roland: we have had the boat for 3 years and longest trip was 10 days. We stopped and dropped the hook or got a slip every night though. We are going to do more night traveling this year. Worse part of our 10 day trip is it ended. Also (and i think it is due to the shoal draft) when wind pipes up to 10 knots we have to put in our first reef in main and roll in genoa to 100%.

    We sail lake ontario and spent 21 days in the keys but on a much larger charter boat (morgan 1988 40ft oi).

    We have wind and solar for electric which currenlty covers all of our electrical needs with no issue (as well as a 420 amh house bank). We have replaced the main sail and have a new genoa coming. All lines are lead aft to new lewmar clutches. Have a spinaker and dedicated halyards for the whisker pole topping lift and downhaul. We rebedded all of our hardware and will re bed toe rails and stantions this year. The yanmar was overhauled in 2006. It is a 2gm20f. 2 burner propane range with propane locker (even though i hate where it is). 6 winches (2×40s and 2 10s above the companion way and 2x 35s for the jib sheets on sb and pr of the helm). Dc 12v top loading refrigerator with cold plate. Fesh water pump with 60 gallons capacity (no hot water yet....on the to do lost). We also have a porta poty as previous owner removed the head and sealed the throughull under the port side of v birth...i am considering a composting toilet, but i know a porta poty is not going to cut it...already it only last us 6 days if on sparingly used.

    Cbt autopilot, garmin gps, and vectron 712 battery monitor.

    Im sure there are things i forgot, but that is the bulk of it currently.

  7. Hunter Ad Bot

    Hunter Ad Bot

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  8. ggrizzard


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    Hunter 30_74-83
    US Ponce Inlet FL
    Well, I lived on my H30C for two years. I've owned it 39 years. I've sailed it around 10,000 miles. I am leaving on cruise next week.
    Biggest problem is, as you said, tankage. I have a collection of Jerry Jugs for fuel and water. I have a flow restricting sprayer head on the sink faucet and I also tape the water pressure switch in the 'off' position...
    You want water from the system, ask the captain.
    I also installed a manual salt water faucet at the galley sink for dish washing.

  9. heritage


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    Hunter 27
    US Cherry Point MCAS
    We cruised for 6 years in the Caribbean on a Westerly 36 and a couple of months in the bahamas on an O'Day 37 and now own a Hunter Cherubini 27. The Cherubini is just as well built as the two boats we have successfully cruised in. The downside of your H30 is it's size not it's age or builder. You have taken care of the age part by inspecting and replacing older systems and gear. The 2gm20f is a great little engine with parts available online. You can't change the size though. A short water line boat is slower under power and sail. You will be doing overnighters while other sailors can make the next anchorage in daylight hours. A smaller boat is not as comfortable as a larger boat. You will not have the option to power into head winds between fuel stops because of the limited tankage. Storing supplies, spare parts, and water for a long cruise will be a challenge. I would suggest a hop over to the Bahamas as a test run for your future cruising plans.

  10. JimInPB


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    Hunter 212 & 170
    us West Palm Beach
    Please define what you mean by taking it all over the big pond. If you mean coastal cruising, with stops at various ports as needed, then I think you already have most of it figured out, aside from local knowledge & knowing what ports offer what amenities. If you mean crossing over to the med, then you might be asking a lot of a little boat.

    This sounds like real good advice to me. It's about 60 miles as the crow flies from Palm Beach to West End. The Gulf stream is usually pushing hard to the north. Most guys start that trip from around Lauderdale to compensate for the current. If you have winds out of the north, then the gulf stream will likely give you a good shake down, while you are still mostly within VHF range of land. A sat phone, or at least something like a spot tracker, is a real handy thing to have if you are going any further than that. It's good to have the spot or an in-reach, even just to go that far. If you punch your EPIRB in the Bahamas, the USCG will normally be the agency that responds. Towing insurance from Tow Boat US & probably also SeaTow covers the Bahamas too.

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  11. dLj


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    Hunter 30
    US Snug Harbor, Lake Champlain
    If your '78 Hunter 30 is like my '77 Hunter 30 I would:

    Re-do the hull to deck joint.

    Change the forward chain storage locker such that it could be sealed off. I'd make the door where you access it from the forward berth much beefier and actually seal it with a locking mechanism.

    Definitely beef up the companionway both boards and that whole structure.

    There are two ventilation scoops mounted on the stern that can't be closed. I'd either remove them, put in some other way of venting, or make some way to securely seal them off if needed - an easy access method.

    Others have mentioned beefed up standing rigging. I'd have to see your boat to give more advice on your external hardware set ups.

    I personally would not consider this a blue water boat. It's a great coastal cruiser. From your profile looks like you are in New York. So am I. If it can be worked out, I'd be happy to swing my your boat some time and take a look at it. Send me a PM if interested.

    Good luck.


  12. Jackdaw


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    Beneteau First 36.7 & 260
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    @Spazz , If you are an non-EU citizen, you cannot stay in the EU or any combination of EU countries for more that 90 days. Before the Schengen Agreement that created the so-called 'common borders', cruisers wanting to 'stay over' for longer periods used to jump from one country (France to Italy for instance) to re-start the clock. This is no longer possible, as they all have a common border with a common entry. This issue is well known and discussed constantly on cruisers forums. Some have chosen to try and ignore it any fly under that radar. Your call!

  13. AlastairLC


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    O'Day 322
    US Lake Pleasant
    I’m no expert on this (Peggy would know better) but I would think not having the ability to discharge overboard out in the ocean would be a real bummer.

  14. Roland5048


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    Hunter Cherubini 30
    US New Port Richey
    WOW! That's early, in my opinion. I usually don't reef until about 15+ knots. Then, I only furl my genny to about 100% and leave the main full. On a long run I might take take a reef in the main just so to reduce heel and lessen the strain.
    That being said, I think you are on the right track in getting your boat ready but as Heritage said:
    A hop across the pond in our little boats is another whole story. Me, personally, I would need one BIG A$$ boat. If for no other reason than the ability to store massive amounts of :beer:.