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Cherubini Hunter 36's -- where is your Racor Filter Located?

Discussion in 'The Cherubini Hunters' started by rardiH36, Feb 19, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. rardiH36


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    Hunter Cherubini 36_80-82
    US San Francisco Bay's "Hurricane Glitch"
    Okay, so I have just completed installing a new Moeller below deck 13 gallon fuel tank on the shelf underneath the lazarette on the starboard side. And I have fitted a new diesel fill port in the corresponding spot on the starboard side just as the original OEM fill is on the port side.

    Now need to reroute the fuel supply line from the OEM tank on the port side which is being decommissioned.

    The Racor filter is part of the loop.
    I never was comfortable where one of the PO's had mounted it. Affixed to the rear port side corner of the interior of the engine compartment box. Difficult to access.

    I am curious if this is the location that other Cherubini Hunter 36 owners have chosen. Or if there is a better spot. I suppose the main criteria are easy to access and enough out of the way that it can't be damaged by say items being stored in the lazarets.

    Ideas are welcome!

  2. chichiflys


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    Hunter 36, Quarter Berth Model
    US Placid Harbor, Cuckold Crk, Patuxent River
    We have ours on the port side in the deep locker near the tank (we have the stbd quarter berth model H36). It's mounted to the back of the galley shelf drawer that protrudes into the locker.

  3. tmjb


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    Hunter 36C
    US Glen Cove
    My original was an all bronze Perko that was located inside the engine compartment, port side on the wood compartment 'wall' aft of the ice box. I replaced it with a new Racor with a transparent bowl for convenience to see sediment and water. I located it in the same spot but believe that anything other than all metal in the engine compartment is frowned upon by ABYC. Not really sure why.

  4. Jim Legere

    Jim Legere

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    Hunter 37-cutter
    CA 44°38'15"N63°55'36"W
    I think its more of a Coast Guard approval thing for fishing & commercial vessels. The 'marine' version was originally the Raycor 500 MA that had a metal 'heat deflector' under the bowl (exactly the same filtering as the standard Raycor and cost 20% more). Then they came out with the Raycor MAM that has an aluminum bowl instead of a plastic one (almost 30% more and now you can't see any sediment that collects in the bowl). I think that in a small engine compartment on a sailboat of less than 40 feet, if you have a fire hot enough to melt the plastic bowl on a Raycor, you have bigger problems to deal getting the heck off and getting rescued! With the money you save buying a standard Raycor instead of a marine one, buy another fire extinguisher, the biggest you can afford. My $0.02. YMMV.

  5. Alctel


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    Hunter 36
    CA Victoria
    This is where mine is, on the port side of the engine towards the back.

  6. rardiH36


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    Hunter Cherubini 36_80-82
    US San Francisco Bay's "Hurricane Glitch"
    Thanks to all for the replies.

    Today I did decide to leave the filter where it was inside the engine compartment.

    I hadn't really thought about this location maybe being a bit precarious.

    But as suggested, also agree that if the engine compartment is ablaze, a lot more is happening to worry about. I suppose even the fuel line itself will catch fire. Whether the filter is located in the engine compartment or not!

  7. Mike Daus

    Mike Daus

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    Hunter 36_80-82
    US -
    Port side aft in engine compartment.