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Cherubini 33 Bilge Hose Replacement Not Impossible

Discussion in 'The Cherubini Hunters' started by Captain Ahab, Feb 18, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

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    Was reading an old closed post about replacing the bilge hose in a Cherubini 33. The man gave up after 4 hours. I just did mine and here is how it goes. The old hose runs from the thruhull down under the shower sump corner, under the floor at an angle to a hole at the rear of the bilge. Difficult at best but here is the easy way. Replacement hose in my boat was a thick rubber reinforced 3/4 inch variety. After several attempts to remove the old hose I decided to just leave it in place and pull the new hose in beside it. I ran a piece of wire rope from the shower corner to the bilge, then sticking my hand in the hole at the rear of the bilge was able to grab the wire. This was the only thing I found would work for me. Then I took the hose and using a filet knife made 2 holes near the end of the rubber hose. Then I inserted the wire through the 2 holes looping it back on itself. Secured it with many wraps of electrical tape. Then I coated about a foot of the rubber hose with Dawn dishwashing soap to slide through the tight floor space. Its important that the hose enter from the shower end as it would not work from the bilge side. So pull the wire from the bilge until you get all the hose needed. Also I used a piece of the plastic flex hose where the bilge hose enters behind the vanity since it makes a tight curve. The plastic hose completes the install at the thruhull and is easily replaced. Hope this helps someone.

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