Catalina 27 with flex in port side cabin floor

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    Hi, I am looking at buying a catalina 27. The boat was restored by a yard worker. Fopur years ago the boat had about 4-6 inches of water in the cabin from neglect- a possible hatch or through anchor well leak. The rest of the boat is almost perfect. Decks no major cracks, absolutely no soft spots.

    it has a wing keel, he ground the bottom down and put on 5 coats. The wing has a small smile crack but not sure its an issue. I really want to buy the boat, but am concerned about the cabin floor. I plan on getting a survey, but I want to know whether i'm wasting money and should walk away because of the cabin floor.

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    Where exactly on the port side is it flexing?
    Might just be the liner. Could even be normal / expected flexing on this model.

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