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Capri 22 Racing Package Drawings

Discussion in 'Capri 22 Documentation & FAQ' started by dave_ren, Sep 4, 2013. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. dave_ren


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    Catalina Capri 22 (loved my old C-22)
    US NorCal
    Here are some drawings that I previously posted on the old site. Hope they are helpful.

    If anyone has nice scans of the owner's manuals and other documents, it would be great to repost them for others

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  2. jepomer


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    Capri 22 O'Day 19
    US Winthrop MA
    Nice to see the MK1 vs. the MK2 side by side!

  3. Mattw79


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    I have the owners manual, but it's a little less than 1 MB (over the allowable size). Not sure I can compress it any further.

  4. Rightbrainer


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    Capri Capri 22 MK1
    US Canandaigua Lake
    I have the manual and the old 'welcome package', but the files are too large to upload. Any suggestions?

  5. stevenwp2


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    Capri 22
    US Central Florida
    FWIW, I switched out the mainsheet and boom vang on my WKSR, adding a block to the (new) vang making it 6:1. I can affix the mainsheet to the first block (rather than the becket) in light air making it 3:1.

    So far, so good.

  6. ASR Marine

    ASR Marine

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    Catalina Capri 22
    259 US Washington DC
    I just tried to print download or otherwise use the drawing file and they are not available.
    Is there something I need to do or did we lose them in the transfer?

  7. Slartibartfass


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    Catalina Capri 22 (#1139)
    US Mamaroneck, NY
    I have contact Phil Herring who migrated us to the site...

  8. ASR Marine

    ASR Marine

    Joined Oct 11, 2017
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    Catalina Capri 22
    259 US Washington DC
    Here is a cleaned up version of a Capri 22 Mk I deck drawing. I am using this to create a Hardware count and final layout of the deck.

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Winch covers
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Mainsail covers
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Ready-made sheets and halyards
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Merriman pedestal control head
Finally, an aluminum replacement for this YS Merriman part.