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Can answer questions about Tattoo Yachts

Discussion in 'Tattoo Owners' started by Super Sport Marine, Oct 17, 2013. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Yosi


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    US Florida
    I'd say that for some people (me included) a 26M or Tattoo is a fantastic boat at a reasonable price compared to other boats - and others can't offer leisure sailing combined with fast outboard, spacious interior, trailable, etc. I love my 26M. On the other hand, for the price of a new Tattoo you can get a 2010 Mercedes S550, with under 30K miles or a new E- class. Ok, apples and oranges, but the Benz has much more technology cramped into it and much more invested in its design and built, not to mention all the regulations it must comply with. Seems to me that with the right investment there should be a way to make those boats much cheaper.

  2. skaterp14


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    Macgregor 26s
    US Carter's Creek, VA

    One way they could make the boats a lot cheaper is if they changed the design to strickly sail. I like the fact that it has a 60hp outboard on the back and can do 20mph, and I would love to own a 26m or a tattoo. I could motor out real quick, sail, and be tied back to the dock in 3 hours and have a blast. But, I these are out of my price range when out fitted new ($40,000). If they made a design that was just sail, that could take a 10hp outboard, it could be a lot cheaper. $9,000 motor vs. $2,000 motor and for people like me that already have a fairly new honda 9.9 longshaft, we don't need to buy a motor. This is the reason about a month ago I bought a 26s. The S will fit my needs really well, and was about $38,000 cheaper than a tattoo. Don't get me wrong, I really like the Tattoo 26 and I am REALLY curious about the 22, but these are still out of my price range.

  3. Yosi


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    US Florida
    Was at the San Francisco Boat Show yesterday. Checked the First 25. Absolutely gorgeous boat and high quality construction. As shown was $100K with show special $89K. Yes, MacGregor and Tattoo 26 are priced well. I can't imagine paying $100K on a 25' boat. By the way, the bed is useless, unless used by Santa's elves.

  4. DrColonel


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    Tattoo 26
    US Brookville Lake, IN
    Hi folks, We are new to sailing, boating in general and the Tattoo 26 is our first boat. Working on that bucket list! We launched for the first time about 3 weeks ago and have the boat in a lake marina. I didn't paint the hull before launching and am having second thoughts. Will the hull be okay until we pull her out at the end of the season, or should I pull now and paint? Thanks in advance.

    Update: 6/2/14. No one with an opinion apparently, but I did notice in the differences spec sheet that Tattoo is using a better product than MacGregor to reduce osmosis potential.

    Last edited: Jun 2, 2014
  5. Terry in Naples

    Terry in Naples

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    Catalina 34
    US Naples FL
    I am sorry to have to say this and start a furor but I see these part motor boats and part sailboats. i guess some people like them ok buy i always thought they were motor boats with sails on them. Not really a very good motor boat and not really a very good sailboat. Am i wrong? Can these really sail in open water and be safe?

  6. Yosi


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    US Florida
    Terry, I know there are some negative comments on the web about the Macs. But as a prior owner of 26D and current owner of 26M, and having sailed on "regular" sail boats, I say it's like cars, some need pickups, some need commuter cars, some need station wagons etc. it's all about how you are going to use you boat. I sail in San Francisco Bay and the ability to do 20knts on motor or sail when I want to is a huge advantage.

  7. Super Sport Marine

    Super Sport Marine

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    Terry made the comment “I always thought they were motor boats with sails on them. Not really a very good motor boat and not really a very good sailboat”. His comment got me thinking about the true nature of a sailboat hull.

    The part of the hull that matters is what is below the water line, as what’s above the water line is what sells the boat. Some boats have more rise from the keel line, others are flatter like the 26X. Many modern planning hull powerboats will have a 17 degree dead rise from the keel line as this gives them good directional stability and lift. The 17 degrees helps put them up on a plane, which will cut the amount of wetted surface and increase speed and efficiency

    I would consider our MacGregor 26X & 26M more displacement than planning hulls. With the larger engines they will get up on a plane but I believe that is due to the flatness of the hull and the engine size. Fluid dynamics have set boundaries for efficiency and once you exceed those limits you must increase the amount of power apply, motor or sail.

    The point I wish to make is that we first consider what’s below the water line.

  8. Ydur


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    Considering Tattoo 26
    TR Fethiye
    Sailing in the Mediterranean and Tattoos 26 basic specs

    Hello, I just joined the forum since I am considering to buy a Tattoo 26 for coastal and passage sailing in the Mediterranean. Is there anyone out there with experience of sailing the Tattoo or Macgregor in similar waters (quite rough occasionally) and similar climate (very hot in the summer)?

    Also does anyone have the basic specs of the Tattoo 26 /Macgrgor 26M sailing stability and sailing performance, i.e. sails E-P-I-J, comfort ratio, B/D ratio, PHRF rating, stability curve (GZ, AMS, AVS) or capsize screening value CSV or a stability index number IMS or STIX, and a table with sailing speed versus wind force?

  9. Dirko


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    Macgregor 26M
    Ca Wabamun
    Hmmm. EPIJ - have a look on the MacGregor26 website. Schematics of the jib, genoa, and mainsails are available there. PHRF rating - vary as they don't tend to be rated often, however I've seen 250-280 with one site reporting a 450. (I'll use this one when I race). sailing speed vs. wind force - count on a speed of 50% of true wind speed if well trimmed and above 6 knots wind speed.

  10. Ydur


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    Considering Tattoo 26
    TR Fethiye
    Thanks Dirko

  11. Chris & Lenore

    Chris & Lenore

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    Aloha 32
    CA Toronto, Lake Ontario
    After sailing a Mac 26s for years, also a 32 foot keel boat and several others - I sailed a friends 26M.
    I was impressed at how well it sailed - quite similar to out 26s. I would definitely call it a sailboat - not a powerboat with a mast.

    But we did get a lot of negative comments about our 26s. We could pass and out point just about any "nay sayer" on the water - loved to pass about 12 inches upwind and hold out a beer for the other skipper. We learned how to properly sail in various kinds of weather on Lake Erie. Takes that fine but the Macs are not offshore boats.
    For everything else they are great.


    Hey - had to stand up that "powerboat with a mast" comment :)

  12. miamistyle


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    macgregor 26s
    US keaton beach
    tattoo 22 news

    It has been almost 6 months since the first 22 came out of the mold. Is production moving forward? Has anyone heard any news?

  13. fortunare


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    macgregor 26M
    US home, Mesa, AZ

  14. fortunare


    Joined Feb 22, 2014
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    macgregor 26M
    US home, Mesa, AZ
    Best answer I've had from the people at the CA Mac factory is that the "kids" are still searching for new factory for the 26 & 22. Personally I'd suggest that they're just spending dad's money on non boat activities and items, some maybe not legal. Little bit ridiculous. I had a Mac 19, have a Mac 26M and would love to get a 22 but unless I built it myself, may never see one in the water.


  15. Jackdaw


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    US Minneapolis MN & Bayfield WI
    I think you can put a fork in Tatoo yachts. I'm not sure how they can think that somehow time will fix the fundamental problem that nobody wants to buy a new McGregor 26. The used market will take care of demand forever. Daddy was smart. That's why HE got out. That the kids thought that they could fix that was pure hubris.

    The web site is still up but they don't answer the phones and you can't leave a message. The mailing address is in a strip mall next to a Publix Food store.

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