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Cal 2-34 at auction - what to look for?

Discussion in 'Cal' started by sgwright67, Jan 16, 2019. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Meriachee


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    No. I would have offered $1.25 and they move it. Ha ha.

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  2. sgwright67


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    TBD Ca Victoria, BC

  3. sgwright67


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    Looking Cruiser
    TBD Ca Victoria, BC
    I attended the auction for the Cal 2-34 today. The boat was in better shape than expected inside, with a decent U shaped dinette to port, and galley along the starboard side, with two aft singles (engine access on both sides and below stairs). The engine was an original 2 cyl Farymann with V-drive. There were about 25 people bidding on this and a Paceship 26. A sad revelation came when the auctioneer said the name of the owner (not sure why he would do this?) and it was someone I used to work with who has fallen on hard luck. I considered bidding on it when I heard this, but thought better of it.
    The Cal went for $900, and the Paceship for $1000, maybe because it had a 9.9 4 stroke motor.
    The mainsail on the Cal was in fairly good shape also, with two other sails in bags. Someone got a solid boat and a project. If I had a bit more time to figure out a plan to transport it to my driveway, I might have bid on it, but I now know that the Cal 2-34 can remain on my list of suitable boats, as the layout was quite funtional, and I like the encapsulated keel.
    Thanks to all for providing feedback!

  4. jssailem


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    For many buying a sailboat is a journey not a onetime thing. This is also true of sailing. I guess it makes perfect sense.

    Keep looking and refining what you think you expect of this adventure.

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  5. markwbird


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    “There is nothing more expensive than a cheap boat” Confucius.

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  6. MitchM


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    there was very nice freshwater 1 owner cal 34 w a lot of upgrades (elec, sails, bim, dodger, interior... ) on the market for 8K in erie last summer. no takers, and my friend still owns it... it is a sold dry wonderful boat. long ago i read the story of the cal 34 that was modified into an around the world traveler (but alas, the spouse forced me to give away my 30 years' worth of cruising world..)

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