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Cal 2-25 - Mast Compression

Discussion in 'Cal' started by Grato, Jan 24, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Grato


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    Cal 2-25 MkII
    US Pensacola, FL
    Hello everyone,

    Sorry to be dominating the forum lately, I sure appreciate everyone's input and expertise. As mentioned previously I have some mast compression happening with my 1978 Cal 2-25. I purchased last August and at the time the door into the head/v-berth was a bit difficult to slide. Now I cannot close it. I'm attaching pics of what I'm seeing. There is definitely a soft spot near the mast, mainly on the starboard side. Also signs of water intrusion below the header near the compression post.

    Trying to figure out how to attack this. Is it a matter of getting the mast down, cutting the deck open, removing the wet material, and building it back up? My main goal is to stop any further compression. I can live (I think) with the 1/4" or so that's happened so far but am not sure if I need to do anything with the base of the compression post?

    Any and all recommendations are welcomed!

    Kindest Regards,

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  2. centerline


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    Cal 34-III, MacGregor 25
    US Salem, Oregon
    one thing you may be able to do to save time, trouble and money is to build a 3/4" plywood pad for the deck, about 12" square or larger, that has a pocket built up in the middle of it to set the foot of the mast in... built it so that it can be lashed to the handrails so it can NOT move foreward, aft or sideways.... then loosen the rigging to its maximum extent and attempt to lift the mast free of its base high enough to set on the plywood base. the rigging will keep the top from falling, and so your only issue is lifting it off its base high enough to transfer it to the temporary base....
    you could add some shackles as extensions to the rigging if more slack is needed.
    it wont take much to hold the mast erect, and as long as the mast cant slip out of its base, it will be safe for its intended purpose.

    after getting it in the support base and positioned out of the way, snug the rigging just enough to hold the top from moving or swaying... then commence the work on your deck...

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  3. Grato


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    Cal 2-25 MkII
    US Pensacola, FL
    Thanks so much for the idea! I like it. Very creative and you're right, would save a bunch of time, money, and risk. Much appreciated!

  4. Jalepeno


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    Remember the wires going up the mast. You can get at them in the cabin behind the teak 1/4 molding on the starboard side of the compression post. The mast without sails and boom, but with spreaders and rigging probably weighs around 200 pounds or more. This is not a light trailer sailboat.

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  5. Grato


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    Cal 2-25 MkII
    US Pensacola, FL
    Thanks. Based on the specs you sent me earlier (appreciate those!) the mast will be around 120lbs plus the rigging so 200lbs sounds pretty close. Will be a challenge for sure to lift that vertically but hopefully I can figure out a way to get a good purchase on it. I still like the idea of 'potentially' being able to do this job without fully unstepping the mast...worth a shot anyway.

    You guys rock. thanks again.

  6. Aryuco


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    Cal Cal 2 25
    Faith US Tampa
    I have a 1981 Cal2 25, bought in 2012 and had the same problem. I unstepped the mast completely at a yard using the travel lift (only $200). The boat stayed in the water. I suggest you do the same as this mast and rig are heavy and trying to lift with loosened stays you risk at hurting yourself or breaking something. Getting the mast down you will be able to throughly inspect your rig and replace anything that need replacement without going aloft ( a big plus). My problem was in the liner at the cabin sole, had to build a stainless steel support bracket that fitted under the liner in the bilge. Problem solved.
    It looks like you have some water damage in the bulkhead, your wooden compression post could be soft from water damage. Easy fix, also look down at the cabin sole around the post, if you have crack it could be the sole is soft as well the same problem I had.
    Re-bed the mast support on deck to prevent the water from dripping below and creating more damage.

  7. SteveB


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