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C22 New Style "Stormwatch" Purchase and Refit

Discussion in 'Catalina 22' started by Leeward Rail, May 22, 2015. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Leeward Rail

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    Catalina 22 New Style
    CA SHYC, Lake Winnipeg
    Good point ! I've been pondering that problem.
    It may only need to be approx 1/2 deep. Port tack should drain most of it.
    Even then I'm thinking that a gasket around the hatch will help. Then install a louvered vent on the side.
    Not 100% prevention but it should be ok.
    For corrosion prevention on the bottom of the steel tank, I'm considering using "Rust Bullet", which I've used on automobile frames/suspension when restoring them.

    My current home BBQ has a recess, and while it fills with rain water, it's not been a real problem.

    The other possible solution I've been pondering, is to have a stainless basket made, and mount it on the aft pulpit near the BBQ. It would fulfill the recommendations of storing cylinders in the open, and allow keeping the hose connected, without it being in the way.

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