Busy launch weekend photos -post yours!

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    Currently snowing and the lake is iced over. I don't fancy my hand at being an ice breaker, but I can't wait to post the first splash pics

  2. Scott T-Bird

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    I love that bayfieldlive web cam! Had to check in and it looked like the trees with white flowers had all the flowers blown off. The grass is green and the sun is out. Looking closer, it's snow that hasn't quite melted yet. I'd guess that those flowering trees haven't even sprung flowers yet! Also, it looks like there still is ice between Bayfield & Madeline Is.

    Good news for me, though! I stopped by Mariners today and found my bottom being painted. Looks like I'll be in my slip a week earlier than anticipated! I'll post a photo later.

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    We’re on the list for a pre-splash slot in the boatyard and subsequent launch. Maybe two weeks out. Can’t do any cosmetic work on the boat while it’s in the parking lot of Treman State Park. Planned are power wash, VC17M bottom antifouling paint, and buffing above the waterline.

    We’ve been suffering from cabin fever, so we launched another boat last weekend on the upper Hudson. 42 deg F water, 38 deg F air temp, snow blowing horizontal around Gore Mountain from the south at 25-30 knots. I was the water shield on starboard. Closest we’ve ever been to Hypothermia...what a hoot!


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  4. Scott T-Bird

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    Here she is getting her coat of paint. She couldn't be any closer to the travel lift. This was my last opportunity to take bottom measurements for the polar diagram calculations. I was surprised to learn 2 things:
    1. From Sailboatdata.com the LWL is 22.5'. I carefully measured 24'. The diagram on sailboatdata does seem to show the waterline significantly lower on the hull than my experience based on the boot stripe.
    2. Same for the depth of keel. Published depth for shoal draft is 3'-7". I measure 3'-11".
    The actual waterline, based on my experience every year, is just 1" below the boot stripe (top of bottom paint). I accounted for that.


    Still, very few boats in their slips so far. The standard slip rental runs from May 1st, but very few seem to go in by then. Assuming we are in by Saturday, we will be the first on the outer docks. Perhaps it is the wind. It has actually been howling on a near-constant basis. 20 knots through the rigging makes a lot of noise with all those boats exposed!


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    It's been a busy couple of weekends for me. New name on boat, shined up, got a weather window last weekend to get a coat of VC17 on. We launch on Monday. Only "minor" problem is that I learned how not to put messenger lines on my halyards last winter (first winter on the hard on windy Lake Erie). It's only the genoa and main :(. The good news is that we only have to find a way to make it up to the second spreader as there's 10-15' still left of messenger line up there on them both.

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  6. TomY

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    I'll give you the Moon,...
    Concordia moon.jpg
    ....and the Stars.
    Concordia star.jpg
    The Concordia Company started building their famous yawls with this unique insignia, in 1939.

    The company commissioned 103 yawls between 1938 and 1969. A 'racer cruiser' in it's day spurred by this design brief: " ... a daysailer that could race and cruise in the choppy seas and heavy afternoon breezes of Buzzards Bay."

    The 1960's signaled the end of the long run of yawls run. As soon as a design wins favor and races, competing designers begin creating boats that will beat it.

    The next level was reached with Finisterre in the 50's, designed as a Concordia killer, which it did in the Bermuda race, 3 times in a row in fact.

    Fidelio launched.jpg
    But who won the long race? Looks like Concordia with about 100 boats still sailing today.
    Spice aft moored (1 of 1).jpg

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    Bayfield yesterday. We have a regatta next weekend. I’m calling tactics on a Schock 35. Looks like it will be cold.


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    This was last spring but didn't look much different this year
    17 Launch.jpg

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    This year was WAY worse than prior years as my bottom paint adhesion problem came to a head and I decided to scrape and sand the bottom prior to painting. Maybe its the job or just getting older but I ache and am worn out. Marina will move the stands today, I can paint under them and splash on Tuesday.
    Then its get all the systems up and running and raise the new North Sails (M&J) for the first time, gotta be easier than this last 2 weeks... 20190510_142744.jpg 20190519_201445.jpg

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    Looks more like racing Artic Cats would be more appropriate. ;-)

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    Totally. I bet some of the locals got 'em out.

    While the owner of the boat I'll be on was up doing some inside work, an entire competitive team was up for an on-the-water training session. They spent the entire weekend in the bar. Bayfield is a 4+ hour drive from Minneapolis, so this is not a casual trip!

  12. JRacer


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    We are still 5 feet above "pool" level, base of the crane three + feet underwater. Dumping water at about 4 inches a day but flooding rains predicted again all this week. No idea when we will launch but it's probably not for at least three weeks, I'm guessing.

  13. Parsons


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    April 29 - Cold and drizzle in mid-Michigan (not unusual for this time of year). Ever try painting the pad areas with VC17 in the rain? The Admiral argued for delaying launch next year until second week of May, and we compromised on the first weekend. It's been a crazy spring, and I'm still waiting for those warm sunny days.
    20190429 Launch.jpg

  14. Justin_NSA


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    Normally we can't see over this jetty behind our slip. I used my waders to get thru the parking lot and check on Bella yesterday.


  15. Jackdaw


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    We are totally back-and-forth here as well. Last week it was sunny and in the 80s. We grilled and had cocktails on the boat as the sunset in our shorts.

    This weekend was cold and rainy with breeze into the 20s. They were using words like windchill on the radio. We got off easy, it snowed in Bayfield.

  16. rgranger


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    Oh man.... Okay I'll stop complaining about how HOT it was on the lake this weekend. It was 95 Saturday and in the upper 80's Sunday. Had a nice steady 12 to 15 kt breeze and kept the boat at hull speed all day. I'd rather sweat that freeze.

  17. marty9876


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    Let’s play guess the marina with Clay! ;). This was from back on 4/26


  18. Jackdaw


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    Ha Ha Marty, I could probably guess the names of the guys launching you!

  19. FDL S2

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    Put in on Friday. I really like how the fresh wax on the hull and new bottom paint shines in the evening sun.

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  20. RussC


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    We'll be driving an extra 30 miles for the best sailing this summer :( . the powers that be have their head up their port hole so far this year that the lake didn't ever get filled, even though we had record rain and snow amounts this winter :cuss:

    So yesterday we took advantage of an open house, commissioning, and blessing of the fleet day at another lake, which we've yet to sail. it's a bit more of a drive for us, but very impressed with the friendly welcome we received (or maybe they just want us for our money :biggrin: ) note that this lake is brim full :kick:


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