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Broken dipstick?!

Discussion in 'Engines and Propulsion' started by uralite, Aug 2, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. uralite


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    US Bayview
    I swear I just beat myself for being stupid. I’m also just tired and this was super super dumb. When I changed engine mounts and tranny on Phasor Marine, when I lifted it there must have been water in the exhaust that flowed into engine from exhaust valves. Had creamy white oil. Changed it 2x ran it. Last oil change and I was tired! I was distracted and did not get oil dipstick seated all the way in. D1A9988A-0431-4858-BF5A-00077B62345E.jpeg

    When I started it I heard a tinkling noise. Aagghhhh!!!! Broke it off in oil pan. When I pulled it out I felt end break off and dink into bottom of pan. I don’t know if the engine is going to kill me or my own carelessness. Ideas? Thought I’d get a magnet and start fishing? I really don’t want to lift, drop pan. Fudgcicle.

  2. Will Gilmore

    Will Gilmore

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    Have you run the engine at all with the piece still in the pan? If it isn't a large piece, it will probably settle to the bottom and never be a problem. Otherwise, you could try a coat hanger hook from underneath. Maybe a magnet on the outside of the pan too grab the piece through the pan and slide it near the drain hole.

    - Will (Dragonfly)

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  3. uralite


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    Catalina Catalina 30
    US Bayview
    Good points. I have not run it, I was too afraid it would destroy the engine. I bet it’s 2-3 inches long. It could be multiple pieces I don’t know. The magnets on bottom of pan sounds good. Maybe I put the magnet on there and leave it? It would hold debris? Like a magnetic drain plug?

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  4. NYSail


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    Shit happens.... nothing stupid, just life!

    Agree.... if access affords you can get a strong magnet and slide it over the entire bottom of the oil pan with the hopes that you grab the broken pieces.... then you can just leave the magnet in place hoping it stays attached. There are some very strong small disk magnets out there that potentially could do the job. However ultimately you may want to consider dropping the pan and cleaning.

    Good Luck!!


  5. JamesG161


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    How about using a Super Magnet on bottom of oil pan, which will basically grab the pieces to the magnet.

    Place a few of these small disc magnets in a line , say space 2" apart.
    The pieces of the dipstick will be attracted to the Super magnets and stay there.
    Then forget about them. They won't move.


    PS: If you have never used a Super Magnet then don't laugh at this suggestion.;)

    PSS: Good thinking @Will Gilmore

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  6. Benny17441


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    If it did not do any damage when it broke off it is not likely to do any damage laying at the bottom of the pan. It is not going to get into the bearings nor the oil pump pickup. It is likely just sitting in a mangled single piece. With oil flow and boat motion it would likely slide by itself to the lowest point in the pan which should be near the drain hole (don't know what engine you have). Drain plugs usually have a magnet attached to catch metal shavings so you may get lucky and be able to fish it out. Give it some time.

  7. Stu Jackson

    Stu Jackson

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    Before you bother with a magnet, see if the remaining piece actually is attracted by a magnet.
    Good luck.

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  8. uralite


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    Catalina Catalina 30
    US Bayview
    Can anyone tell me part number for Kubota 722 oil pan gasket? Im gonna go up and see if magnet will stick to old piece of dipstick, I have a feeling it won't. Im gonna order the pan gasket and begin taking apart everything to raise engine...again ....sigh. If I can fish it out, great. Im gonna prepare for the lift and drop. At least I know how to do it all again. Ill also replace the jury rigged pressure sensor and make some photos of that too. Maybe Ill go sailing this year yet. I almost bit my wife's head off when she said she could feel fall in the air.

  9. uralite


    Joined Apr 26, 2018
    121 posts, 39 likes
    Catalina Catalina 30
    US Bayview
    Funny story, I have the magnets, gonna go up tomorrow to see if I can fish it out. I was sweating bullets when I finally got to talk to owner of boat today. I believe in a policy of honesty, truth is that it may suck initially, but telling the truth is the right thing to do, and most times integrity will be better in the long run.

    We ran through the yard bill from the transmission replacement, evidently the yard mechanics charged me 2 hours of labor for their "consultation" and answering my questions. That's $250, maybe ok with all the questions I asked and pondered, but not cool that they were not up front with charges. No discussion or anything. Anyway I moved on to the moment of truth...Told her how I bunged up the dipstick and how I would try and fish it out, but if that failed I would have to pull the engine and drop the pan........

    She said, "don't worry about it, it happened to us 5 years ago and we had to motor 3 hours to get back. Did a ton of research and had mechanic try and fish it out. Its been fine for 5 years, pretty sure another one won't hurt it." Hahahahaha, I had acid reflux for a week waiting for that call. So Kubota 722 engine, won't hurt it in the pan, 5 years hard sailing. This thread closed.

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