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Bottom Paint Recommendations - Hunter 23.5 - Middle Potomac River

Discussion in 'Smaller Boats' started by evan709, Feb 25, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. evan709


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    Hunter 23.5
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    I have a Hunter 23.5 that I sail in the middle Potomac River (between Colonial Beach, VA and Piney Point, MD - somewhat brackish). The boat stays in a marina slip during the season (~April to October). She sits on a trailer out of the water the rest of the year. Might take it out of the water for a few weeks in the middle of the summer if I'm away or hurricanes approach.

    The boat came with a fresh coat of bottom paint when I bought it three years ago. Didn't have a problem until this year when barnacles attacked (see picture). Fortunately they weren't too hard to scrape off. I'm having the boat bottom painted in a few weeks. Looking for recommendations on the best type of bottom paint given my use and where I sail. Thanks in advance for the help!


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  2. fstbttms


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    Unless you want to repaint each time you spring commission, you will need an ablative paint. Hard paints cannot withstand prolonged exposure to air.

  3. Capt Robbie

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    I keep my boat in Toms river Nj very brackish water as well.
    I have been using ablative bottom paint for years. The only thing I ever get is slim if the boat sits for a few weeks with no use.
    I found that hydro cote works well. They also make hydro Côte SR that has a higher anti slim control. For my use don't think it's necessary plus it's a little more expensive.

    I also pant my boat with a one very thin coat every other year as opposed to what the mfg recommended. They want you to put three coats on, I don't so that I don't get a heavy build up of paint that you then have to remove later. I feel that one Côte is sufficient and by the end of the season it is almost completely warn off.

    I would ask around your local ship yards and see what they are using they would most likely know best. They deal with painting boats in your area and see the results everyday. I'm more inclined to listen to a yard technician then a marine store salesman trying to push their inventory or pad their commissions. Sorry about marine sales people, just been burned to many times and feed a lot of bull Sh-t in my day.