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Bimini for Hunter 34

Discussion in 'Big Boats' started by YVRguy, Mar 31, 2015. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. YVRguy


    Joined Jan 10, 2013
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    Hunter 34
    CA Vancouver, BC
    Have any of you H34 owners installed a full bimini on your boat? I'm curious to know about your experience with it and your related costs, if still relevant. I imagine the split backstay would make it a lot more tricky for whoever is making it.

    I sail year round but I have a decided drop-off in interest from my friends during the winter time. I've sailed in January on a chartered boat with full Bimini and it was a real treat. Might be a consideration going forward.

  2. kloudie1


    Joined Nov 6, 2006
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    Hunter 34
    US Mandeville Louisiana
    H-34 Bimini

    My story.. Had a full bimini that started about where thee companionway ends aft.. Was great in the rain and at anchor but it was claustrophobic for me.. I ended up with it rolled/folded onto the aft two bows about 99% of the time.. It cost $1200 in 1991 dollars.. When I replaced it I replaced with one that goes forward to just forward of the binnacle .. They re-used/modified the stainless frame. The mods and the new top were about $900, done by a local sailmaker.. The split backstay is handled by having two zippered slits from the port/stbd edge to the stay position. Rain is kept out by a little split funnel shaped boot whose small end ties to the stay and whose large end (about 4" diameter) is sewn into the end of the zippered slit.. Attached show a forward edge (with buddies) and back edges (with wife).. If ya gonna have a full cover, make sure it can be easily pulled back. Boom position on the 34 is a bit low, and I didn't want to cut the sail for a full cover.. may be why it was a bit confining. My best guess as to what would be ideal for my sailing waters would be a small dodger which would not limit deck access and a zip in cover that would run from the dodger aft to the bimini forward edges.

    EDIT: If ya mean a fully enclosed bimini, I can't help ya there.. Would be like a sauna most of the time here!

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  3. splax


    Joined Nov 12, 2012
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    Hunter 34
    US Portsmouth
    bimini options

    I was going to get a bimini, but the thousand dollar cost made me look at it more closely. The cockpit is a bit tight and I did not want to obstruct vision. I put a solar panel on the frame and that works for me.

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  4. Allan12210


    Joined Jan 22, 2008
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    Hunter 34
    US Alameda CA
    I bought my "full" Bimini right here on the Sailboat Owners Store 5 years ago. It fit perfectly with the proper cutouts for the split backstay. We went 25 years with out one and finally decided it was time. Still holding out for a dodger though. Can't rush into these things. Our boom just clears it although I think our sailmaker had shortened the leech back in 1997 to provide clearance for me (I'm 6'1"). I do bump the top of the bimini at the front just slightly. It took some getting used to as I was so used to nothing but sky above, but its nice to keep the sun off. I also have to finagle around the supports when rigging the stern dock lines of course, but its not too bad. Just takes getting used to like every other change. I've attached some pictures.

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  5. Dave Groshong

    Dave Groshong SBO Staff Staff Member

    Joined Jan 25, 2007
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    Catalina 22
    US Seattle

  6. YVRguy


    Joined Jan 10, 2013
    377 posts, 9 likes
    Hunter 34
    CA Vancouver, BC
    Thanks Allan. I have a dodger already so I'm looking for a bimini to potentially connect with a window in between. Yours looks great.

  7. YVRguy


    Joined Jan 10, 2013
    377 posts, 9 likes
    Hunter 34
    CA Vancouver, BC
    Looks good! I will definitely want mine to retract without too much effort.

  8. YVRguy


    Joined Jan 10, 2013
    377 posts, 9 likes
    Hunter 34
    CA Vancouver, BC

  9. Claude L.-Auger

    Claude L.-Auger

    Joined Dec 14, 2003
    971 posts, 16 likes
    Hunter 34
    CA Lake of Two Mountains, QC, Can
    Hi Doug,
    I had my bimini installed more than 12 years ago because of skin issues. It is high enough that my 6' friends can stand up behind the wheel. I had it made with a sunbrella covered window above my head. Rolling up the cover allows me to see the masthead. I also have 2 transitions than can be zipped up to the dodger and connected to the bimini. The clear plastic one allows me to sail in the rain and stay dry, the sunbrella one being used for shade when at the dock or anchored. I also have a drop-curtain which can be zipped up to the bimini at the stern if the sun is low and shade is still wanted. Bimini, stainless steel frame, 2 transitions and drop-curtain cost me a little less than $2K (CDN $) back then. I've never regretted it and in fact wouldn't sail without it even if my skin allowed it ! Hope the attached pics help you.
    Good Luck. Claude

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  10. YVRguy


    Joined Jan 10, 2013
    377 posts, 9 likes
    Hunter 34
    CA Vancouver, BC
    Looks great Claude! I like the configuration with the clear transition. Unfortunately I am 6'3" so I will have to make mine even higher. I'm wondering if it will look funny.

  11. Claude L.-Auger

    Claude L.-Auger

    Joined Dec 14, 2003
    971 posts, 16 likes
    Hunter 34
    CA Lake of Two Mountains, QC, Can
    Thanks, I don't think 4" higher would make much of a difference on looks. You might have to make it a little shorter than mine if 4" higher to avoid end of boom riding on the transition while sailing. Good luck to you

  12. Don Crowther

    Don Crowther

    Joined Sep 4, 2007
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    Hunter 34
    CA Elbow, Saskatchwen, Can.
    I put one on a couple of years ago. I've moved it back so the boom clears it (just). I've also made it tall enough for me 6'2". It's mount on the rail and has a window that I can see the mast. Mine sounds alot like Claude's but I didn't get the piece between the bimini and the dodger to work. My dodger is old and made in New York and my bimini was made in YYZ

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  13. Tata duende

    Tata duende

    Joined Dec 28, 2014
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    Hunter 280
    US Mandeville, LA
    I extended the bimini on my 280, works great.

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  14. heart of gold

    heart of gold

    Joined Sep 21, 2009
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    Hunter 34
    CA Squamish
    This is mine, brand new canvas this year all round. Odd bimini frame so it wasn't cheap to fab. 1500 for the bimini and joiner. Used Strata Glass for all windows. IMG_1633.JPG

  15. bman88


    Joined Apr 27, 2009
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    Hunter 34
    US traverse city, mi

  16. BlowMeAway


    Joined Nov 30, 2015
    832 posts, 336 likes
    Hunter 1978 H30 Cherubini
    US Maine, NY Cayuga Lake, Ithaca
    Very nice fellas, hope you don't mind me jumping in with a few questions. We were given a lightly used Carver Industries, three bow, bimini as seen in the attached image. The test fit turned out a bit disappointing simply due to the way our 1978 H30C traveler and split back stays limit the overall opened length. After seeing the dual zipper configuration here on SBO, I got goosebumps. My Admiral can sew! I think this unit may work and the opened height seemed just about right with the boom height, assuming mounting on the stern coaming, slightly aft of the jib sheet cleats. Has anybody attempted doing so with a standard outta the box thing like this? The assumed front of the bimini is being held by the boss. Thanks in advance for any enlightenment offered.


  17. TooCoys


    Joined Mar 4, 2017
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    Hunter 27 Cherubini
    US Seabrook, TX Seabrook, TX.
    subscribed for bimini reference

  18. Fast Ed

    Fast Ed

    Joined Jun 27, 2004
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    Hunter 34
    US New Bern, NC
    I also bought my Bimini for H34 on Sailboat owners and it fits perfectly. The rail mount is the way to go. The PO had installed an off the rack Bimini that interfered with the winches and was narrow.

  19. geek_guy


    Joined Dec 29, 2012
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    Hunter 37
    US Jacksonville
    Another vote for the units on Sailboat owners. Mine fit perfectly and it's a solid strong unit.

  20. Capt Robbie

    Capt Robbie

    Joined Jan 24, 2017
    219 posts, 74 likes
    Hunter 34
    Us Red Bank, NJ Red Bank NJ
    I have a 1983 h34 with a dodger. I'm having a full Bimini and jointer with a full enclosure being made now by a local canvas shop. Frame is going to be attached to rail rather than attached to deck. I am going this route so that the Bimini top will give maximum protection from the elements, and the frame will be less in the way.
    Jointer and Bimini will have removable Velcro window sun covers. Cost so far is approximately $2800.
    7359A245-9893-4054-BFDF-FA6908E88017.jpeg AB713D5C-3D61-43C8-BEC9-FD99728CC46A.jpeg 911AA45F-BD41-49F1-9A52-DBF770CBD366.jpeg 672AC1A3-D903-462A-9035-055A5AA71EBD.jpeg
    Spent a lot of time on design to make it as functional as possible.
    Good luck

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