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Air Conditioning Install

Discussion in 'Ask A Hunter Owner' started by Sailorman52, Dec 7, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Sailorman52


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    I would like to install air conditioning on my Hunter 36' 2005. Can someone tell me exactly all the equipment I will need and if my current air vents can function as the air conditioning vents. Will I need a generator, increase efficient alternator and will an additional thru hull be necessary. If there are specifications available, please provide any and all information.

  2. Ted


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    If you plan on using your air conditioning while not being plugged into shore power, you will need a generator. Most permanently installed AC systems require a through hull fitting. The stand alone portable AC units like the Cruisair hatch mounted ones don't need water but do require 120 volts. I doubt that either system can be practically run using an inverter or a bigger alternator. I'm using a 16,000 btu AC unit with a 3.5 kw generator on my 36 foot boat in NY. It seems to be an appropriate size even on the hottest of days and the reverse cycle heat works well in the Long Island area through November. I'm not familiar with your boat but question why you would already have vents/ductwork installed. Did Hunter install ductwork on all of their boats in anticipation of owners installing air conditioning in the future? Seems odd. My equipment is manufactured by Dometic. You can find installation information on their website.

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  3. Terry Cox

    Terry Cox

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    In addition to the information in the article I wrote sometime ago here:

    Our system uses a Little Giant 120vAC pump that draws sea water in through a dedicated below the waterline through hull and sea water strainer to protect the pump from debris. Water routes through the two heat pump systems and discharges out their own dedicated through hulls above the water line. Since they are reverse cycle type systems, you can select either heat during the cold months, or cool during the warm months. These systems run on 120vAC and would work for your boat as long as you were connected to shore power. It would be problematic to try and run them off of your boat's 12vDC system. Whether you can use your current air vents will depend upon the type of air conditioning system that you choose and what the manufacturer recommends.