AC/DC meter

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    Should do everything you could want to do on your Cat30. Have fun!

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    Most the lower end clamp-ons are A/C current - you need to use the leads to measure DC current. A PITA measuring high Amos.

    I got a Craftsman AC-DC clamp on so that I can measure draw in my starter, battery cables etc.

    IIWMB, I’d make sure what you get is DC. Otherwise a FREE Harbor Freight meter will do what you need.

    That said, still pick up a freebie @ HF for when you need to check very low current be cause you lose that ability with clamp ons.

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    Good for you.

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    John beat me to that.

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    I have one that is similar to this one, also purchased on Amazon. Yours will read DC current via the clamp according to the specs.

    While not the best quality, mine works fine for the little bit I do with it.


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