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A new (and very old) forum: Cruising Sailors

Discussion in 'Ask All Sailors' started by Phil Herring, Feb 11, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Phil Herring

    Phil Herring Administrator Staff Member

    Joined Mar 25, 1997
    4,251 posts, 104 likes
    US Bainbridge Island
    Back in the 1990's, Cruising World magazine had a very active and amazing forum frequented by some of the best and most interesting sailors in the world. As the publishing industry changed in the 2000's they made some unpopular changes to their forum and we ended up hosting it on their preferred software platform, renamed the Cruising Sailors Bulletin Board.

    Over the years, that platform was abandoned by its developer and the forum waned, due to both technical obsolescence and the quirkiness of the forum layout.

    This weekend we moved the old forum (and just a little of its content) into a shiny new SBO forum called Cruising Sailors. It's still frequented by some very cool people and amazing sailors. We hope some/most/all of them will make the conversion over to this software.

    The old forum is still online as a read-only archive and is always worth a read.

    The Cruising Sailors Forum will be for experienced sailors and offshore cruising. Historically, the forum has allowed content of all kinds, not all sailing related. We will continue to honor that guideline.

    It will probably take people a few days to look around and get their logins worked out, but stop by the forum and say hello.

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  2. rgranger


    Joined Jan 19, 2010
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    Hunter 26, Hobie 16 26
    US Smith Mountain Lake
    Very Cool

    I'm always amazed at what SBO does... thanks guys.

    I've made the habit of always looking in your chandlery first and I encourage others here to do the same.

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  3. Gene Neill

    Gene Neill

    Joined Sep 30, 2013
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    Catalina 22, Albin Vega 27
    US Orange Lake, FL
    Two thumbs up, Mr. Phil! :thumbup::thumbup:

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  4. FastOlson


    Joined Apr 8, 2010
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    Ericson Yachts Olson 34
    US Portland, OR Portland OR
    That's pretty neat. Now if you could somehow also link to the huge Yacht List archives......

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  5. Carl Weathers

    Carl Weathers

    Joined Feb 3, 2017
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    Hunter 25.5
    US North Augusta, SC 29841 Lake Thurmond, South Carolina
    Thank you. I am enjoying the forum as it is already. And this is a bonus. "Simply nothing better than messing around with boats."

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  6. Alansails


    Joined Oct 3, 2011
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    Anam Cara Catalina 310 Hull #155
    US Lake Erie/Catawba Island
    I do not know what I would have done without the forum and great people who help!

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  7. Bryan C.

    Bryan C.

    Joined Mar 16, 2009
    4 posts, 0 likes
    Hunter 35
    US Coconut Grove
    Hi Phil, as one of the old denizens of CWBB, your efforts are appreciated. I don't know if we'd ever get back to the CWBB heyday (or would want to, maybe) but your continued support of the cruising community is applauded.

    Bryan C.

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