2004 Catalina 350 Original Boot Stripe

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    Just bought a 2004 Catalina 350. It's Winter in the North East. Excited for Spring. Luckily the boat is in great shape and have only identified a few issues to work on so this this first forum post is purely cosmetic.

    Seems like the boot stripe is part of the gel coat and not painted on. I would like to change the color of the boot stripe to gray. It seems like my options are to paint over it or place a vinyl stripe over it? I would rather paint since stripping off a decal is tough. I know this because I have also been stripping of the vinyl stripes and prior name on the hull well above the waterline. I am going to re-stripe those in gray vinyl and place a new blue vinyl name and home port as well.

    Any thoughts? Easy? Too much work? What paint to purchase? Thanks.

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    I personally like the tape. No real prep and holds up well. Did about 4 months ago on my Sirius 21, but it was on trailer. Will be attempting to do on my Catalina 30 shortly while in the water. But you are right it is a pain to get it straight.

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    Don Casey's great book This Old Boat shows how to do it. Get the second edition, the third's newer, but more $$.

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    I have heard of that book many times in sail magazine. I will get it. Do you know if the boot stripe is part of the gel coat? Again, it does not appear to be painted on in the first place.

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    Boot stripes on Catalina's of that vintage are molded in. It's possible, though, that a PO painted over it since the dark blue stripe has a tendency to fade over time.

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    100_0205.jpg 100_0758.jpg about a year after we bought our 1988 ( 2006) we had ours painted, and changed out the rub rail too. love the changes and it has held up really well. no regrets at all.



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    I've searched online and through related forums without success to determine width of boot stripe on my1983 Catalina 30. Background - I removed gelcoat from boat leaving only upper line of original boot stripe. Fairing is complete. My boat is slated to be launched after 15-years on land on May 15th, so I need resolve quickly!

    There is also a small white stripe below boot stripe. Can you also provide this dimension?

    A drawing would be ideal!

    Warm regards,

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