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07 Hunter 33 Overlaping Headsail

Discussion in 'Ask A Hunter Owner' started by Goyo, Jan 4, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Goyo


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    Hunter 33
    US Michigan Port Sanlac
    My current jib has outlived it usefull life and I need to replace it . The current sail plan is a stock roller furler main and jib . I mainly sail in lighter air and want to add some performance to the boat and I am considering an overlaping headsail to make up for lost roach with the furling main . Concerns I have are ability to sheet the headsail with the factory tracks and #2 ability to sheet the genua tightly given the spreader configuration on the 33.

    Has anyone gone to a 135 % or 150% head sail and if so what where your chalanges fitting to to the boat.

    Appreciate you sharing any learnings you have

    Thank you


  2. Jake N Eggs

    Jake N Eggs

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    Hunter H33
    Ca Port Credit Harbour, ON.
    I have the factory jib with spinnaker rigging. The jib sheets are led between the diagonal and the shroud to a deck mounted track and then to winches in the aft of the cockpit. I have never had the jib sheets lead to the cabin top track. When close hauled and tight the clew of the jib is very close to the vertical shroud. I don't think that a bigger jib will function properly.

    For light air performance I added a Gennaker.

  3. Sailavie1


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    Hunter 2008 H25
    ca Lake Wabamun
    I would be concerned with the balance of power moving forward. Lee helm will be an issue with more power forward than the boats is designed for.

  4. Jackdaw


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    I'm pretty sure that both sets of tracks are for the non-overlapping jib. This is clear when you see that they are basically side by side. A genoa track would be placed father aft. The cabintop set will give a better sheeting angle and allow for better windward performance. The deck set will be much better for reaching and off the wind sailing. As the boat is not used for performance sailing/racing, it would not be surprising that most people use the reaching tracks.

    As Jake notes any attempt to run a larger headsail around the spreaders and vertical shrouds and to that deck track will fail, for sure in performance and probably wreck the sail.

    hunter 33.jpg

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  5. Scott B

    Scott B Moderator

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    Hunter 33
    CA Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada

    Looks like he is running the sheets outside the rigging. I run mine between the shrouds otherwise would rub when close hauled. I use the deck tracks and run the sheets back to the cockpit. And yes, I also believe a larger sail would rub on the rigging.

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