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    Upholstery cleaning

    Easy & Bob S Your advice was superb. Along with Bob S advice I am sitting on nice clean cushions! Thanks to both of you guys. If you guys ever get to Tennessee, the BBQ And beer are on me! Weasel
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    Can anyone identify this fitting?

    Hey Solitude, That is a condensation. It connects the pan to the a/c water discharge line. It keeps condensate from flowing into your bilge. Google Mermaid Condensator and it should give you a schematic for connection and parts. Weasel
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    Upholstery cleaning

    Thanks Easy, I will proceed with caution.hope everything is good down in Louisiana! I will post before and after photos. Thanks much!
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    Upholstery cleaning

    Well it looks like it will rain tomorrow so I want to do a job that has been on my mind for about a year. I figured I would go to the best experts on the water to to get some advice. Has any one taken off the covers on the upholstery down below and washed them? I don’t see any other way to...
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    Tachometer troubles

    Thanks Ted. I think I am just going to have to get a gauge, but I will check some of the items in the information.. Best,
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    Tachometer troubles

    Hi everyone! I have a problem with my tachometer. The tach needle does not move when the engine is running. I checked the connection on the engine, even cleaned up the spade fittings. Then went topside and checked the voltage to the tack. According to the Yanmar manual those are the two big...
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    Rubber shaft seal lube

    Thanx Big Easy. Stuff is on order as we speak.
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    Rubber shaft seal lube

    Spring commissioning has started and I want to lube the lip of the shaft seal. Seal is burped every so often during the season. Can I use a silicone waterproof grease? Or does someone have a better idea or is a special product required. Thanks in advance for your advice. Thanks guys!
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    Engine / transmission problem

    Hey Guys & Ladies, Beneteau 331, Yanmar 3GM30F Transmission, Kanzaki KMZP-1 (Integral throttle / shifter After a great day on the water here in TN with some actual wind in Aug I encountered a problem with backing into my slip (and this may have been my fault). I had put the engine in reverse...
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    Anyone know what this is?

    Yup, horshoe throwable. I use the hook to hang line from horshoe. Clever those folks from Beneteau! “Early in my life I had the choice of arrogant honesty or hypocritical humility. I chose the former, and never looked back” FLW
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    Oceanis 473 Clipper

    My 331 has the same "puddle" under the shaft. Looks to me like yours may have been put there to keep water from collecting.
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    Cockpit teak

    Beautiful boat Bryan!
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    Memorial Day

    To all of the Veterans on the sailing forums. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service and sacrifice. We also remember our brothers and sisters in arms that paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Honor the day. Weasel Capt. USAF 1967-1979
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    Beneteau 331 Refrigerator gaccess

    Barry, The name of the company is Beard Marine in FL. you can call them and they will assist with your problem. First rate service! Ask for Jake. V/r Weasel
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    Beneteau 331 Refrigerator gaccess

    Hi Barry, I had some problems last year with my fridge. I have a 2004 model, with the Adler-Barbour unit. The compressor is located below the dry storage locker, port side in galley. Inlet for air is under nav station. Simply take off louverd panel and vacuum the filter off. When you have...