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    D Day WW II, sailboats?

    Thanx for posting Dave. My father, a commercial fisherman and sailor in his later years. Went into north Africa and all the way to Berlin. He is gone now 8 years and never spoke of his time in the service, only to say "We did what we were asked to do." Eric
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    Anyone Actually Cut up a Sailboat for Disposal?

    In my pursuit of a good snipe, I acquired 2 bad hulls and 3 bad trailers. the trailers and hulls were cut up with a sawz all after stripping the hardware. I saved the stern of the best one for the boat shed bar. Eric
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    Vetting Yacht Club Members

    3 clubs near me. Three completely different vibes. LYC social only except for token sunfish events. Years long waiting list, costly initiation, social club imho. RBSA sailing and race oriented, costly to join imho, shallow draft only no access to ocean. IRYC laid back social club, docking...
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    Collision today

    At the end of the day the duty of the skipper is to protect vessel and crew/ passengers. Somehow these two knuckle heads failed in their charged duties. I do not give a rats ass about what the rule book says and who thought they were in the right. See first sentence. They both are to blame...
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    Collision today

    As a avid diver from small boats. We were anchored up on winter quarter shoals, flying red and white dive flag and the blue and white alpha flag. I was the designated " boat bitch " as two of my mates were down below. I observed a scallop dragger approaching on a outbound course, it got...
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    what would you do? sailing off dock w/ no engine

    I feel your pain. Your sled is just bigger than mine. 9 times out of ten at my preferred beach launch site, the wind is on the beach out of the west. In my case there is a sort of cove to port, so no go. There is a rock pile to starboard that sticks out to protect a makeshift kayak portage...
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    My Vagabond 17 review

    Glad you are enjoying your new sled! Eric
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    Is teak oil a black mold magnet?

    Not to be a ass, but my work around was to remove all the wood trim and replace it with azeks. When that was not easy, I stripped and slathered with west system and painted it. Eric
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    Trailer launching with extension

    I made my trailer extension permanent. It solved the problem of beach launching, and shallow long ramps. It made driving to the launch site only slightly more difficult than when the trailer was shorter. I also cut the ball receiver off and opted for a pintle ring. I have no faith or...
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    Petrel AeroCraft 12 ft aluminum sailboat

    Not familiar with the hull, but a hole is a hole. I would caution against anything permanent till you get more info. I would suggest 2" test plugs commonly available at lowes and home depot. Insert them in the holes and turn the thumb screw and they expand until a rubber gasket seals the...
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    Nautical beers

    At the end of the day, or the beginning. wink Supporting local brewing and distilling efforts helps us all to keep well balanced and properly lubricated! Eric
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    Another one followed me home - could be that perfect day sailer?

    Looking good! Love the red sails. Eric
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    bombing down wind

    I would firmly be in the camp of, get the bow up. Eric
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    Another one followed me home - could be that perfect day sailer?

    Oh the problems we have! I am being stalked by a mac 26. Eric
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    Nautical beers

    On my must drive to the brewery with a designated capt. to try Burley Oak brewery Berlin, MD Bunker C