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    Phase Separation - !@#%^&* Ethanol

    I wonder if local humidity has something to do with the OP picture? I just buy what is at the local pump but add Seafoam. A few days ago, I started my 2000W genset (home use) that had been sitting for over a year with gas and Seafoam in the tank. Started right up and seemed to run just fine...
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    Which one?

    People put small outboards on Hobie TI's and its usually the Suzuki 2.5 or the air cooled Honda. I have the Suzuki 2.5 that I occasionally use on my Hobie TI and its a lot quieter than the Honda and also has a rev limit (part of the electronic ignition) which can be important if you use it on a...
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    12v EMP

    Just my opinion and this is more of a trailer sailor thing where you pretty much always have an ungrounded mast. . A length of 4 gauge wire makes a much better conductor compared to chain and is probably lighter to carry on the boat. Wrap the wire around the mast to form a spark gap, drape the...
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    How do you secure your boom while trailering on the highway?

    We are in Colorado. I will be on the lookout for a car with a boom sticking out the front windshield.. Just joking of course. Curious where you lost the boom? Earlier this year I packed up my Hobie TI after a sailing session (plastic sailing tri) and did a really poor job tying the sail and...
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    Wednesday IS photoday!!!

    A couple days ago in Colorado
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    12v EMP

    For the OP and back to your original question.. You probably know that the lightning bolt traveling through a mast or just in the air creates a large magnetic field. Any conductor that has at least some orientation parallel to the direction of the lightning charge flow will react with that...
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    Electric harbors are coming.

    I had to check the above (not the 15 gal/hr use - wow).. but that electric vehicles dont reduce the carbon footprint. The link below says the electric and hybrids produce on the order of 1/2 the total emissions compared to gas (taking into account the source of electricity). However, for my...
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    What Happens if I Charge MY Batteries Too Hard?

    Just out of curiosity (helps to be retired and have time to do completely unimportant stuff that takes a little time).. I wondered about what the temperature rise of a battery maybe in the range of 200 plus or minus amp hour capacity would be if 50 amps were put into the battery for one hour...
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    What Happens if I Charge MY Batteries Too Hard?

    Cant answer your question.. will be interesting to see what the manufacture says. But one thought somewhat related is that if you are charging them with a lot of current in bulk, measuring temperature at the battery and a charge controller that acts on that temp would seem more important. For...
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    Solar charging monitoring-we need advice

    +1 on the Victron MPPT solar charge controller and battery monitors with Blue Tooth output. However.. be careful using Amazon with electronics. About six months ago I bought a knock off Go Pro camera off Amazon and it died about five weeks later (would not boot). Amazon had some return date...
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    Nigel Calder: Replace Your Generator by using your main engine

    The use of this is way beyond what Im familiar with to judge how useful.. but what I see is that the solution here was about improving efficiency for electrical power generation. Some inefficient operating points are noted. If you use the main engine to generate electrical power at low rpm, its...
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    Some small-boat cruising commandments

    It was a good thing to do..
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    Some small-boat cruising commandments

    Timely post in that we just spent nine nights on our 1990 Mac 26S. Five nights of that was on a mooring (Two Harbors on Catalina Island) where we would make two to three trips per day to shore using an inflatable kayak. I have had this boat for about 12 years now but a couple years ago I simply...
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    Retirement "What If"

    Retiring at 53 sounds like a great thing.. but you have to keep in mind that you will be retired also in your 60's 70's 80's etc and it will be nice to have some $$$ for options (like sailboats, homes etc) that your peers will have who continued to work until at least into their 60's. Its time...
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    Beat the Heat

    Very good way to cool off yesterday near Two Harbors Catalina Island