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    Considering Autopilot upgrade on my 320

    Thanks! Just what I needed! Thanks Chris! I just signed up for the C320 Association. I'm looking forward to reading the article. Does it have some nice pictures of the installation?
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    Considering Autopilot upgrade on my 320

    Thanks George. Just what I was looking for. I have the wheel drive now, which is not compatable, so I would want to install the type 1 linear actuator and transducer then? Did you install them on your boat or were they already installed when you bought it? What kind of boat do you have?
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    Considering Autopilot upgrade on my 320

    I have a '97 Catalina 320 and it was outfitted with a RayMarine ST4000 Wheel drive autopilot when I bought her. The autopilot worked for a time but the Control Head went bad and couldn't be unlocked. I found a replacement for it and got it working again, but it does not hold a course for very...
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    Anchor Sizeing Great Lakes

    I have had the same problems as DannyS with a Danforth in the Chesapeake. It doesn't take much of a shift/blow or tide change to wrap the chain and pop the anchor out of the bottom. I'm gonna upgrade to a Claw or one of the Practical Sailor recommendations before the spring sailing season. The...
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    Single Line Mainsail Reef line twist

    Thanks Chris, I like that idea. Do you have a picture of the picture of the attachment to the crinkle that I can see? I assume you have webbing going through the crinkle, correct? Where did you get the hardware? Do you pull down on one side of the sail at the crinkle or do you have blocks on...
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    Single Line Mainsail Reef line twist

    Hey All, We have a '97 C320 with the single line Mainsail reefing system. I run into an issue with the line led through the turning block mounted on the top of the pin that retains the lower end of the boomvang at the mast. Eventually, the pin slowly spins as the boom moves back and forth...
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    Looking for Cabinet Door for '97 C320

    We bought Pleiades, a '97 C320, in the spring this year. (Love her!:dance:) The previous owner had removed the center cabinet door in the galley to mount a microwave. After a full season of sailing, we realized that we could use the cabinet space over the microwave. Since it seemed common for...